Black Poetry : Outlaw: Languages, Contracts and Culture

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    I only go back to places where i came from in the first place
    and so in Seoul, Busan, Wonji, Pyeongtaek, Pyeongchang and more
    has some of the finest silks and minks
    all i need to do is maintain artistry
    patents to logos
    handcraft my own magazine
    full of logos and etc
    head back to the areas
    commence international relations
    exchange business cards
    websites and telephones
    communicate in Hangul
    every three months i buy out a store
    from different cities and territories
    have it shipped to my city centre
    handcrafted limited clothing line
    catered to the seasons.

    Making my own culture is fascinating
    though i require
    languages to be taught by tribal Teachers
    contract them
    to instruct culture
    based on my lineages
    and roots related so forth
    to include conducting business
    with their businessmen and women
    making me the Dynasty i am
    creating trade routes
    beautifying arms
    pay me by toll to travel
    and delight in my artistry
    kids' eyes glow and widen
    point like wow the statues are big mom
    dad look can i get a picture next to it?

    Expensive detailing
    requires an inexpensive solution
    already solved
    including my own rest spots
    and a few log cabins to sleep in
    looking to be private into i am totally sovereign
    it takes deep determination and will
    relying on no services
    even my own currency
    link my road to a hotel
    i need to completely manage and own
    redo it into a luxury
    floor by floor
    plus 4 castles in Europe bought
    i am fine smiling
    by me an island and straight
    and no way will i build a hotel on it
    rather log cabins too
    with my own 2 cruiseships and a repairing ship too
    and definitely farming and gardening on the island
    so you go there to relax
    no animals needed
    just fruits and vegetables
    plenty of water
    herbs and spices
    grains of course
    and speaking of vegetation
    that too will be traded
    in fair exchange for another product or currency
    if your 50 dollar bill is to be worth any
    then i must what you need vs want
    that no other has including that pizzazz
    i got tourism on lock gee
    immah honest sailsman all about the return on investment tweet
    birdies fly to my spot for their vacation
    exotic and restored
    with an emergency helipad on the island too
    yet first it all starts this year
    buying a strategic piece of parcel
    making sure the next can be connect to the next
    requires recon
    website to website
    then on the road
    watching the local news
    not forgetting i got that drive-in movie theater plot too
    in either direction where i plants my roads
    and just think about it for a second
    i am making my own toll road to and from businesses
    including to my own port
    no need for a railroad
    unless i got straight solar energy constantly
    then that changes the picture
    cause in Latin America it is all cool you see
    from a mine perspective
    remember my Option and Reserve Exchange?
    the Option part is all paperwork
    and the Reserves is all real currency notes including mine
    gemstones and cowrie shells indeed
    though only 3 but i am considering 4 gemstones
    that's all in time passing as i build and succeed
    don't forget them Manses...
    and see i ain't in it for claiming citizenship for a culture purpose
    and this and that nah...
    just business and economics
    cause this place is only temporary
    i got my reality waiting on me back at home
    where none of this exist
    i'm just making an Empire
    so anybody who comes after me
    no matter the branch
    continues to keep up until we
    are completely finished
    and then we transition into maturity
    keeping everything steady though never declining
    and putting myself on other stock markets is an option
    though most likely nope
    cause i got contracts to be honored
    through diplomatic actions communicating with my people
    from west to east
    doing an University way different from any
    and that is connecting the tribes i admire spiritually together
    so we can conduct business among each other
    and i done had impression on me from Hawaii
    the female who served me at that restaurant while in the UK in Cambridgeshire
    she was from Samoa and she was tall and just beautiful
    instantly after she spoke and we connected
    i was like yeah i wanna know her culture
    cause her hair was her culture done up
    her spiritual aura was the same
    she later told me yeah we alike in some ways too
    while dem female haters stared on at the table
    thinking it was personal between us two
    yet it was spiritual in every sense of every way...
    jealousy and envy is a wrecker
    but she did put em all in check
    then smiled at me and i was like thank you inside loudly
    as the homies laughed and chuckled it up a little
    cause a few of em was they boyfriends and husbands
    so you know...but they hated so loudly though and tried to dog me out
    when they never even recognized me until i started to conversate with another root happily
    strange isn't it?
    I always said to myself and others that a female represent the culture of her people
    so naturally i feel attracted to any female by culture
    and that's when the flirting commence
    though you set it straight by keeping everything on the table
    and not under the table you feel me?
    I ain't in it for that just if i can get a decent conversation from a universal perspective going
    and if it works out then we will meet again
    and go further into a much revealing business venture
    other than that nope you gotta go get a play date or boyfriend figure or overnight husband or someone
    other than me cause i'm on this mission for real
    i done already lost an Ivorian Coast female to miscommunication
    even though i stated clearly my intentions
    it is just sometimes females hear and feel what they wanna and need to feel
    these days and nights of times
    regardless if you say A
    she will go back and say Z
    and explain it in R form
    leaving even the most logical person dazed for a second
    and then you step out of the daze like okay
    you are confused
    i am not trying to be confused with you
    so let me gradually step out of this then run cause i see troouuuble
    straight up and down trouble
    so the lesson about exploring culture
    is to always state your clearest intention
    and have a piece of paperwork with blank signatures
    and blank dates called a contract
    to make sure they cannot confuse you with their society vs you building your Empire...
    she cannot mix you two together no matter what
    and same goes for the dude too
    cause males are also suspect to it also
    and all of this is discernment dealing with judgement
    prenotions and so on etc.

    So all you can see
    is yes i did go alot of places
    learned myself along the way
    i met a great friend from Morocco
    her name was Lamia McHaar
    and now about two years ago
    i learned that my star constellation
    has a slight influence or connection
    with certain cities and countries
    which by coincidence or not
    all of those elements
    no matter human or non
    came to me or i went to them and or it
    experienced the worst
    and experience the best
    so i am looking for a balance
    as i have been to the Pentagon
    so i already know about the news
    and so you already know why i do not follow it
    which after doing much more researching
    the finding confirmed my intuition about it all
    feel sad for others then again we all "play the parts"
    and so sometimes you gotta just chill
    and focus on yourself
    not meaning you are selling out
    or just not revealing anything
    you just putting more effort on your evolution
    and in this case of mine
    it is me and my family tree
    and i got no more time to participate in other's business
    cause believe you me you will get sucked into their issues
    no matter where you are on this planet
    do not be a dummy and get ran over...
    defend yourself and keep moving
    i chose to outlaw another piece of my legacy
    with languages contracts an culture
    all the way from South Korea
    with products of solids and branded as mine
    putting paperwork of it in each country
    learning the laws of it all is very important indeed
    and all i want to do is be my own citizen
    of my own island or land sovereign style
    then i will settle for a free-hold privatize it and my properties
    if all else fails....
    i do not think about what others do
    cause it is meaningless as i done been there and done that
    yet propaganda will never stop
    and if you do not believe me
    then go to South Korea to hear North Korea
    and of course come to the USA where the CIA
    controls it with certified agents or mind-controlled ones
    who all they do is circulate it...
    cause everything is not what it seems
    and trust me more and more of my family is now realizing what i said is true and factual
    Malcolm X said it the best about the media and his quote will forever be famous
    because of the truth and facts of it
    he was way before his time
    and of course because he figured out the game
    he too had to be stopped
    though beings like me is just playing our own
    i got no followers
    could care less about they fuhkups
    i done peeped gains from all different angles
    i'm playing my game now
    called outer sight and outer mind
    i outlaw as a true racist
    and i take my life serious with all of the reminders too
    and i do not feel special of no type of way
    nah...cause when you become you hit the limelight
    instead i rather hit the underground doing what i need to do
    minding my own business
    and yes i will make millions within 3 years
    cause unemployment is real
    which means hundreds to thousands are unemployed
    falling into categories which gives them a statistic or end up being one
    my Empire needs human resource
    so there you go...
    another problem solved
    and always have an outlet for each human resource
    to become entrepreneurs
    and never as an enslavement
    so the thought process has to change
    and science says where there is empty space
    i can occupy
    i think outside the box cause i done been worldwide
    paying close attention
    constructing theorems in my head
    just to revise them over time
    doing my thang
    i am a scientist
    i speak for myself
    i puts in work
    and love to work
    smarter and harder
    as it is nothing else to do
    while everybody else stresses out about this and that
    due to not minding their own business
    and i do not apply to anyone out here
    but myself and my tree
    i am not black and never was
    cause my people told me who i was since a kid
    i just grew up silently watching everybody call themselves names which never applied to them in the first place
    even adults still doing the same ole thang
    regardless of dna testing
    phenotypes by facial and footprint recognition
    paperwork trail
    common sense
    maps and so on
    i mean some people just wanna stay ignorant just to have an excuse to keep doing what they doing
    which is fine with them and real tight with me
    cause after all can nobody be together
    which makes my solutions even tighter
    and i never downplay
    like me and your lifestyle is different
    down to the lineages
    so of course our lifelines are too going to be different by stride
    and see this is where i cannot afford to even look over into the other lane
    as mine take drastic measurements
    affording me to be only a true racist....