Black Poetry : Outlaw: Just Being Real

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    Like X say
    let them think how they think
    and you think how you think
    on that paper it might say this and that
    okay they thinking like that
    it ain't your thinking
    and you treat em like a child
    with laughter and smiles
    cause after all
    you building your empire
    which contradicts to everything they putting out
    without any conflicts
    and see i plays ball with the East
    cause i am heading that way
    using my tourism skill to the maximum
    dodging white and black folks
    colorism mindsets to their racism
    as i vibrate to an intelligent order
    warrious thoroughbreds who are highly intellectual and loyal to their Ancestors
    born as Young Ancestors
    like i said i am a True Racist
    and leaving your emotions aside really helps seeing
    through any obstacle as i hurdle over all safely and astound
    better than my last times
    turning my own prophecies into profits
    as i write the scripts to be collected
    my own movie progresses
    not forgetting one detail dismissing any disadvantages
    only negotiating cracks and crevices
    which could be split into devastating canyons
    my wings spread out to catch winds feathers altogether
    we hover
    taken away by visions overseeing powerful mountainous positions
    without anybody asking who is it
    and i admit inside the most paranoid mindset's they be tripping
    like as if they didn't see my big cousin Quana meanmugging while we on our ride steadily dipping in our plots four arms ready
    while false players are to be scene smiling getting they kicks off tricking around
    my gallons of herbal sweet tea called Love gets drunken down
    all approved by the state and federal regulators
    legally i stays bound
    until my sovereign state of mind is reached on ground as the island where no mercenaries can be found
    you can imagine up as much sex touching real and unreal booty
    you will find me training vegetation hands-on on my so called citrus fruit called seeded cuties
    i thought you knew it is my duty to be the best farmer and gardener i can be instead of an ignorant fool you see
    my toes are counted as ten down
    when the electricity came from the stormy cloud as lightning with no sound
    went through my head quickly and body into the ground
    i must be blessed indeed to be safe and sound....

    "....Benjamin Banneker is in the house!"