Black Poetry : Outlaw: I Was Never Black

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    See when you are dealing
    with your lineages
    you will find
    it was never
    no such thing as black
    you were only associated
    with it cause of being unknown....

    See when i walk around
    even the so called white people
    whisper to themselves
    oh he know thyself
    look at em he does have them high cheek bones
    oh is Edo from Nigeria or Ghana?
    Oh you gotta remember in history Ghana and Nigeria
    was basically one or something like that before colonial history
    and they go on and on
    just'a whispering
    and the mexicans be smiling they tails
    offering sound advice
    trying to communicate with me
    cause our ancestry is much more closer than anyone know
    i speak spanish from time to time
    out of respect
    and sometime they call me brother
    see all negative society want you to be is a color
    even my own homegirls from Somalia
    which i met while in VA and Washington DC
    stationed there for two years
    told me the same thing as they helped me to know
    my dayum self
    to the homegirl from Morocco
    and the others from so many other lands
    and they just said you know you ain't black right?
    They just want you to stay confused
    so you never know yourself and know where you going
    imagine a black woman who never know herself righ?
    She cannot even imagine the full plethora of her beauty and power
    inside and out if she do not know where she came from
    and it is a fact
    she do not even know where she is going
    besides going to work
    and it fuhks with emotional system hourly
    cause she always thinking about beauty salons
    not knowing the real beauty salon is within...
    some deep deep psychological shyte ain't it??
    But around here you starting to see
    where she is getting to know herself
    and so unlocking a black woman or female
    is like is like is like a career move
    you gon have some ups and downs guaranteed
    cause you got that slavery shyte you up against automatically
    through and through
    it's just some you gon have to pimp in a way positively
    in order to get her to a point
    at a butterfly stage
    others just flow on with no problems too large enough to tackle
    others might even take yoass to jail and back and you straight after that
    but not me though....

    So you see whenever somebody starts talking about being black or african american
    i just be straight honest
    and start talking about Edo to include the West Coast of Afrika
    and Cherokee issues
    from my perspective and how i see culture
    should be heading
    like i advise them on the Edo IRS app you can download
    and many other forward progressing things
    like showing the download pdf files i got
    own my phone and laptop about how to put your business
    on the stock markets over there
    and citizenship and so forth
    to the languages you must speak
    cause over in America you must speak English and write English
    which is not anybody first language by lineage
    you just gotta be who you are and if being who you are is sickening
    and irrelevant to your final outcome of life
    then yes by all means go and brainwash yourself
    until it is no more you
    and be all you can be from your society's perspective
    ride the fence if you can
    but for how long though?

    It is no american in me as a lineage
    no african in me as a lineage if you get down to the detailing
    yet there is Cherokee
    yet there is Edo
    now Afrika is a bit particular
    cause you gotta remember it was a Scramble of Afrika 1
    which efffed up the maps
    and how people was like in Somalia and the other two countries over there
    they are the same people
    it's just that colonial stuff got em messed up over there
    where just a line is dividing people
    and see that's how deep this colonial psychological stuff is
    to the point where if you on this side of the line
    you this and that
    afraid to make history mend together once and for all
    yet i gotta solution for that too my way
    and it is called Schooling...
    bring the children together and all of that ends
    then the ignorant adults die off either trying to attack the children
    therefore putting themselves out there as straight up enemies to your own youth
    or you too can follow the yellow brick road
    yellow to me means intelligence and wiser than your last times
    and brick road to me means positive masonry
    cause after all it started with the Gemini righ?
    You can take that all the way back to the walls of Egypt...
    though i sponsor Vodun
    same thing basically
    different wording and phrasing.

    So if you know thyself
    just play their game
    while changing yours
    and i guarantee you you will come out on top
    everytime like a positive balance being should....

    "being black is just a color though knowing your history by lineages is a true starting point now go and find thyself to understand your true gifts and talents and why some be feeling like engineers and some be knowing they are warriors and others be knowing they are Queens and Empresses yet the veil is there to keep you from knowing and that veil is still labeling you a color or incorrect general association of one country and a continent....the answers are right in front on you the whole time...don't be blinded by the media and constant hoopdalaas...."