Black Poetry : Outlaw: Hawk and Night Mare Speaks

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    to get you into investing
    a future of nonsense is evident
    since cartoons was invented
    but you know fools are going to follow
    other fools
    stunned by fascination
    which never served them no purpose at all
    if gentrification don't get the rest of the unemployed
    into a statistic
    then for sure being uneducated will....

    And it is all related to chaos and control
    if you didn't know
    a horse costs just as much
    as a metal car will any day
    thinking the grass is greener on the otherside
    will have you entrapped into a situation
    you ain't prepared for
    you will not see me following the jeffersons
    the main problem is envy and jealousy
    everyday i teach my youth of my family
    do not be fascinated of what you see
    cause your two eyes will lead you into destruction
    i done seen weapons guaranteed to smoke fools with a push of a button
    back in 2004 at a weapons expo in the virginia
    stick to the basics
    when it comes to emergencies
    think with your head strongly
    get tools that will help your survival be the longest without help from the outside
    being an ant will surely get you on by everytime
    learning how to hump and hike
    makes the core of individual stronger
    learning how to swim and deep dive
    makes the core of individual stronger
    cause when that oil and gas is up
    then you sunk
    that's why solar energy is vital
    that's why manipulation of molecules is vital
    in order to reach others if necessary
    and everybody should be able to be reached if necessary
    then again
    i rather go back to the ancient arts
    which all of that at the same time
    and more....
    so the problem with luxury
    is you forget about self-preservation
    like i said let them others keep rolling on
    while you and i stay in that background
    stacking real needs up and around as them wants
    and the name of the game for the so called rich and famous
    is monkey see monkey do
    when them stock markets close shut
    where the high technology going?
    Oh and the grocery stores??
    I'm telling you just sit back and watch
    and enrich your family on the real
    you think nature is messed up
    watch how they really coming more and more
    they got alligators appearing on people's backyards...
    snakes appearing more and more in people's cars and homes...
    i mean it is happening
    and see the media do not want you to pay attention
    to what is really happening
    cause if you cannot see the real grass and the All wave of a movement to the Sun's ray as this planet travels
    then you already behind time...
    a long time ago as a matter of fact
    see likeminds stick together
    and i am telling you they are trying every trick in the book
    to throw you off course
    cause in order for you to afford the latest technologies
    your investments in the Scramble of Afrika 2 must commence full throttle
    Latin America will be destroyed
    Asia will try and fight as long as they can
    then again most tribes are already being forced to convert leaving dire and critical history behind
    told to me from themselves actually
    face to face
    women and men...
    and see i was taught a peace of mind
    is where no one invades on your property
    from my elders who are now ancestors
    and see when you do not mind your own business
    you participate in others
    therefore giving in the energy to others
    losing yours at all cost
    and it is pitiful
    people reveal to me and others
    things that i know from a military fact is just the beginning
    of a great demise
    and i'm like why these silly fools
    even text me links and bafoonery?
    Oh i know why they scared to be left behind
    thinking if they do not assume the position of forward with society
    then they will not live
    i rather go back in time
    cause back in time
    is where they are really going to the maximum
    more and more everyday and night
    soon or later after being fascinated with everything out there
    there will be no more facts of your people at all
    so you will go with what they have to say
    and you will finally be black forever....
    no more greatness of a lineage
    no more nothing
    but a color of the dayum
    that's why i know what i am doing
    is the sheer truth and facts
    others of obstacles do not want you to do
    and that is write yourself into your own real book
    using every art available to preserve yourself as the undefeated
    who actually still lives
    people tell me i gotta have children to pass it on
    i tell em nah i don't...
    all i need to do is keep focused on everything i have built on paper
    and chipping away now
    as later become now
    by the hours
    and days
    cause you see when you sleep
    you start slipping
    propaganda whole purpose is to keep you distracted
    and like i said for a people who call themselves
    it is pretty much over in the USA
    once homosexuality was officialized as a marriage
    and if the abortion law doesn't get turned around
    with exceptions of course
    a people called black is sealed
    and the number of the year when they will be extinct will come true
    by simple mathematics
    and as long as drugdealing
    and just ignorance really continues as miseducation and uneducation
    then thy will of your master's plan will be done
    in the flesh of course
    now beyond that is still on you
    but i'm already knowing
    it ain't no way i'm having children
    just for them to be subjected or possibly to society out there?
    There is no such thing as a vacuum on earth...
    and like said when you combine rampant homosexuality + out of control abortion through several ways than the doctor's table way = complete genocide
    no need to interfere
    just sit back and watch
    them all kill themselves
    and the superslaves
    will be imprisoned
    to the prisons and religions
    first introduced to public education
    the children you produce
    which the public court of opinion wholly agrees
    that you are dead and should be
    based on the museum visits
    library checkouts
    media of formats
    that's why i tell people this
    if you ain't focused on Self
    then why are living?
    If you ain't focused on Landscaping
    which provides a much better picture of reality
    which by scientific proof helps any child envision better
    then what you living for?
    Just if you ain't focused on yourselves of an evolution
    then why are you breathing?
    Cause somebody else needs that air seriously...
    i'm just being real
    if you ain't focused on keeping likeminded females
    in a real cloud of life
    so she who is the realer of all of them like the Queens
    help change a view and grow better generations
    then why are you even associated with her or even doing what you doing?
    Vice versa too....
    Like i said i am building my University seriously
    so at least i played my part
    and education is a vital tool for reversing genocide
    cause you wake minds up
    and the one drop ripples effectively
    exercising the Garveyian Difference
    kills unoccupied time
    destroying negative statistics
    increasing survival rate plus destroying gentrification at the same time
    like an AT4 to the core of it all every 3 months you can say
    and can't no law outlaw on this planet forbid business and economics
    cause remember
    in order for they politics to survive on negativity though flipped they need themselves to be positivity
    let your mindset be the positivity over matter which is negativity
    now imagine a million divided by one
    the one is defeated
    everytime you add the negativity up it divides the positivity into more of a situation which turns dangerous if the negativity ends up more than positivity which in science is enabled to pull one down....and be held i can go further and further with these and see math and science like this you teach in order to reverse the damage and even more introduce freshly to the newborns so they get an overstanding they can do anything and abortion is not one of them when you take care of your genes plus know correct rites of passage for the male and female and the culture of black people has none....that's why they are dropping like flies more than they are producing and that is a fact which by mathematics even in accountancy means a negative balance....

    "....everything i do is the evolution of Self showing my Ancestors i came a long ways from being a mere man...i sought out beyond anybody on earth said i could not do and that is fly out that cage and once i flew out i grew my talons the sharpest i had ever anticipated and my feathers drape lightly plus my beak hooks and i see situations no enemy of mine would ever believe...cause they never seen me coming...yeah look at em pointing at me...time for me to hit another tree then swoop down on they skulls real tightly putting enticing tremendous squeezing pressure on they brain preying i can make em come up with me outer sight while squawking the ears but the body is too heavy so let me mark em coldly to the bone leaving em yelling hysterically in torturous undying memorable pain in loving memory when you stepped in my forest uninvited...."

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    And see a horse is way better than a metal vehicle yet you use a metal car for all it has since you got one you see. When i go back to the country areas the fresh air is always better than the cities anyway. Find a balance and you will be alright and if you like me i will be growing more vegetation anyway you see...and i really do not like metal vehicles anyway but you learn to deal with em effectively for business and economics purposes only. I got a horse called Night Mare and yes she is cool with a character and like i said i'm different and moving more and more back into times cause as you see or will see they are trying to erase you out by any means necessary and so to keep them from erasing me and mine i gotta do what i gotta do and preserve myself and mine. Just know your laws worldwide in order to create your own you see...sovereignty is just a step away or privatized is about the same too based on the location location location location and the United States is just a got continents out there and even countries bigger than the USA seriously within an continent and like i said just do your own research. Glad i been other places and going to Empire way cause you see i done played they way to a degree and now i'm like it's time to do me to the yourself is all i can tell ya cause man who else is going to love you you know? Best be wise and lead on out of your better!