Black Poetry : Outlaw: Get Tha Money(No Currency Is Forbidden)

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    Know them rules
    know your worth
    from country to country
    from county to county
    auctions happen
    do you remember when and where you were?

    I do not hang with outside groups
    and no group defines me
    except my Royal Tree
    the Generations
    my Ancestors
    immah a point guard
    who points to the rite direction
    and guard the Generations
    of my Royal Tree
    plus my Ancestors' quotes of sayings sentenced
    got me positively imprisoned in freedom
    stuck proudly on life row
    and rowing....

    Get tha money
    no currency is forbidden
    staying focused on the next move
    envision yourself as that next next next phase in and of your life
    cause i surely do
    as everything around me is a piece of the puzzle
    keeping mine glued together with axioms
    as real players play on
    i got a level of instrumental music i must reach out to nerds like me of the opposite gender
    it is a market there untapped
    i got arts out my mind and back into the set of it from a binomial to poly
    graph aspect it a facet of truth or fact
    depending on the frequency of the brain or heart.

    Make your plan
    and then follow suit
    make that money
    save and invest
    be on top of your earth
    you gotta Empire to build and sustain
    all from your Will
    plus Trusts
    form your family into a governing body
    make specific locations strategic
    keep tabs on all Branches
    make a phone call after a psychic connection
    to let your family members know you are to be expected
    so you never truly rely on the humanmade objects
    cause your own made stamps
    plus your own logo on postal vehicles
    can make way to transport delivery
    of any commutative parcel
    from one destination to the other
    cause your own currency associate with it
    gives value and much positive working the robust
    all from my Empire
    if you want that silk and mink
    i got dem style you should be wearing
    guaranteed no eyes will blink
    im just that sincere about my chit happening
    no emotion involved
    all revolving thoughts to happen per season by universal law
    evolving more and more without a flaw
    proceeding on cautiously with wisdom while dem others pause
    and who are you?
    I'm from my mindset written
    check me out at a page number
    and you can read ahead
    to watch me as my character of the my forthcoming the go-getter he said
    or Said
    depending on the gender if you She
    from Middle Asia
    or Northern Afrika
    then again Far East
    you are a programmed program
    i just use this language
    as it is not mine
    cause other languages surely have more to say with mere logographic calligraphy
    the multigenius Imhotep
    they ain't knowing....