Black Poetry : Outlaw: Frequencies, Math, Science and Greek Alphabet(Nerds Only)


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
If you take a look
at the so called colors
named there are repeated characters
as you can see
because you cannot see most if any
close range unknown to be known
though from any intellect
their intelligence can tell you
that nothing is something
get smart
and ratified it to be true
said and done
as theorems...
this is how you mastermind human beings
into a tragedy
wiping away their lineages
and true thought process
by saying no you are wrong
cause the real science
is Psychology.

The science is Psychology
as everything else is an Element of it
and all of this is mundane
and a couple Shamans i knew
when talking to them about this and that
they just said you seem ready
though you want to learn more
knowing it is really no knowledge to learn
look at the clock....

Greek alphabet corresponds to frequencies
you are a frequency
due to the ongoing vibration
there is no such thing as a color
political colorism is ignorance
so is political racism
that's why i do not participate in it at all...
cause i am a never ignorant getting goals accomplished
you minus the politics behind it all
and you get naked frequencies
and people who are actually to the races
to be better than their last times
as of vibration concerned
though everything plays its part
or mundane plays its part
so their education is apart of the Whole Truth
cause you need a Lie to be look at from the opposite angle
in order for another aspect to shine as the Truth...
you reflecting off facets
and the more the space shines
the better your enlightenment glows....

Every piece of knowledge
as to be applied in real-time
in order for you as facts
to be apart of the whole truth
this requires making artifacts
which involves the creation birth and growth
of Knowledge
in these days and nights of time
the underdawgs has the real knowledge
and always has
yet they are looked at as third class
behind the learning and curve
due to constant projection
smokescreens and neverending trickery
using reverse psychology....

There is a psychology per every language
which roots itself into a culture
founded and tried
relatively working successfully
if no threat to the current psychology is portrayed
when it is violence is met
a reward and punishment deal
you get treated like animals
regardless if you knowing about it or not
and no one is immune to it
i mean no one unless
unless you disconnect from it all
and see the tribes are in great just excellent shape
cause they know the past
yet they ain't being programmed
to be trained as domestic humans
versus wild
cause when you are domesticated you are being subjective
and when you are wild everything is objective
you control yourself
so therefore you business becomes the subject
or your family
or your tribe
and you makeshift everything to a degree of satisfaction
you feel me?
See when they take that away from man especially
then you are being feminized
a female in general is use to being in charge of the economy
to tell you the truth
cause she run the little ones until they are fed up
literally in every sense of the symbolic meaning
a female types of the mundane do their job and sometimes not
depending on the situations....

you should be able to add
the greek alphabet
however to get formulas
and create a math
to be applied to reality
and using naming conventions
to invent theorems
from an ethnocentric view
as everything is everything
from the brain
to the radio station or broadcast
states of mind
and more
you can find within each greek alphabet....

This is for nerds only and those who think alike...though it is a movement of Ethnocentricity out there and it is going well cause you gotta remember you have your own brain and repetition is the key to hypnotism which done effectively you can brainwash an individual rather than letting them "free think"....GAGUT is awesome and i am definitely using that too. So basically the Knowledge created has to be applied to the businesses like an issue of Currency to be acceptable to the economy so everyone will be comfortable spiritually and just all around that yeah the new currency is suitable for service and good trade plus compensation for work and economic investment. The key there is certain heads have to sit down and agree or disagree to return back to the table with a better option. The problem with a people is that they are too lost to even think about making their own currency let alone think of compensating themselves...including building an University(ies) from silent million dollar marches to see to it that the youth build and continue. If you wanna know where a people money is going then be an accountant and follow the paper trail. Cause if a people are poor and been poor then how come they are still living???? Lies are not needed to cover up the truth and facts when if you are apart of a people then you need to step aside and envision leadership instead of cowardness and betrayal...just stop it. If anything a people is more ignorant than ever therefore it is perceived as being poor due to poor irrational and highly illogical choices which requires a high emotional problem and the solution to that is to become balance with better decision making using your more logical approach rather than how you feeling cause how you are feeling in that aspect is not even associated with your intuition. Stop.

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