Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
To all my multimillionaires and billionaires and silent ones to the ones coming may your Empires be with you like mine will. One more thing i left out is the drink i believe but if you got three people who is down to to rent a building with a water faucet and sink add the refrigerators and you good. Now buy you a complete filtering system to fit the mouth of the faucet or ask your landlord if you can replace the old water tank with a much much better one charcoal prefer. Now if you buy the building the small building then extra kudos for you! But you are about to make your own drink. So you will need labels, logo and patent, same recipe and routine plus your human and health service to test it with a fee if it is retail and dept of agriculture if it is to be wholesale. Trust me the difference makes sense cause you are representing yourself via drink to the public is why you gotta go DoA. Retail is by the cup sold in the facility and other places that holds a servsafe cert too. So putting it in stores and you selling yours via bottled is DoA. Retail is other way. Expect total investment to be a little bit at 2000K. Split it three ways along with the rent and delivery other people foods when while stocking your drinks in the convenient stores, grocery marts and you will need UPC and universal software to keep up to date with supply and demand. Me i would start locally and sew up the county i am in first. Buy me a few drink machines with my logos on the front of them and even get other people brand of drinks never sold into your market as well so the same players gain together venture like. Get your plastic sealable containers. You can do a Youtube commercial about your product and be live like that. Make sure you pay your folks too. If you add anything unnatural it will be a harder process to pass so if you like me im all natural anyway so whats the point. Do you math and get a label maker along with price tagger. Market it inside specialty stores. Keep track of yours. My processing is still ongoing as expected. This is another long term investment. Keep all records of your ideas and etc. Truck driving is calling and i just signed to a company so im looking like 3weeks then im outta on the road commercially. I will start my passenger delivery side in about 6months max along with the drivers ed school so like i said just stay focused and be around likeminded folks. I just made one pf four moves to start with in making me a millionaire. My drink company as a DBA. My passenger delivery slash ed school for it as a DBA. The commercial side then Landscaping well Landscaping before commercial side cause i need 3-4 years before starting my own commercial drivers license school. I been military so most of my work i done on my own as research years ago and it is hard work and its going to get even harder with some sleepless nights is expected for serious entrepreneurs. Peace and good luck on your journeys and if you know me by now i live my life in what?!? Camo. Thats can have the fame as i got more work to put in and my Ultimate goal is that 13 School University for the youth and im out like a Chinook baaaaaby! Chop chop chop chop.....

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