Black Poetry : Outlaw: Evolve In Intelligent Order Then Solve Your Problems Quietly (Metamorph Self)

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    To Be Baked
    Chicken Pieces
    Sea Salt
    Peppercorn(crushed or grinder)
    Garlic Cloves(crushed)
    Choose Your Oil Correctly and Also By Allergens!

    Wild Grain Rice
    Black Sweet Rice
    Brown Rice
    Flax Seed
    Coconut Milk or Rice Milk(you can make your own too)
    add walnuts and cranberries you know your likes
    No milk add alkaline water
    Sea Salt
    Sweet Onion(chopped finely)
    Black Beans(soaked overnight)
    Sweet Potato(diced small)

    Cast Iron Pan
    Clay Pot
    Freshness Is Always Greater
    Both Work
    Just The Expirations Are Different!

    As you can
    i am and have been
    trying different recipes
    since traveling across the planet
    i love my authentic italian and german(depending on the dish)foods
    i love my authentic korean japanese chinese vietnamese indian afghanstan pakistan moroccan foods
    i love my authentic puerto-rican mexican brazilian chilean honduran belizean caribbean foods
    i love my hawaiian and gullah-geechee foods (of course that's just Roots from household to household minus the American stuff you get the real deal--Afrika or any names before it all you do the research)

    I will never have a dine-in spot
    with a full menu
    only a dine-in spot
    with my wines and appetizers
    classy atmosphere
    the higher type of vibration of humans
    a great musical appreciation of live sets.

    My 13 take-out spots
    will have on family and individual sizes
    of dishes to be preordered
    or made per request as usual for any to-go order
    until sold out
    and the menu changes from restaurant to restaurant
    though the dishes are the same
    yet the rotation keeps the dishes in orbit
    call up at the restaurants to chase your favorite dish down
    or sit back and wait until it comes around to you
    a circuit i figured
    just like the Zodiac
    you can change or be stationary
    really depending on your psychological mood
    your organs and glands who speak
    about the same delicious dishes
    and sumac honey warm tea in the classy dine-in spot
    and about my herbal tea called Love
    for wholesale pickup in a store coming near you
    although first here locally
    for about one dollar and ninety nine cents
    back it up to the take-out spots
    i only need one dish per place i visited
    or the dish visited me
    moms got 36 years in Food/Retail Management
    i got about 3 years and a half Food/Retail Expericence plus a Food Delivery Business solo
    and about 10 years+ as a Food/Wine Connoisseur
    tell me how many ways can you market and advertise
    your business though which one has always been the best path?

    I do not dream about luxuries
    i dream about the Generation stepping into
    a legacy left behind
    so their suvival rate is positively increasingly infinite
    rather than none or a permanent stationary...
    paperwork plus currency creates roads
    especially when your Empire has a Dynasty
    and everything subjected is drawn out as a diagram
    saved dot pdf
    forwarded and emailed to every account
    remembered to the memory when called
    printed and handwritten
    forms prefilled
    the networking continues
    minding your own business
    opportunities are doors
    it is on you to twist the doorknob
    now walk on through and see what the future has stored for your success...
    see you can see all day and night with your two iddy biddy eyes
    though the universal one
    you can see through it
    and when you cannot see nothing
    then you have no confidence
    though when you have confidence
    it is because you can see your All
    know your Astronomy
    and you can master your Astrology.

    Remember everything in the physical
    is all paperwork
    and if you ain't minding your own business
    you can never the see paperwork
    speaks to you in a polite business and economical manner
    it tells you what you need to certify it
    to whatever levels of governments
    then you go from there to create your own as a conglomerate business to fuel your own economy.

    Use your software applications
    cause after all what is the use
    of having technology and you do not use it wisely?
    You can even typewrite
    or handwrite
    or voice record
    it really does not even matter mind
    as long as you get your job done
    and make the goals fall in like dominoes
    and see the one thing about a map
    which serves justice is that you have
    parcels up for sale
    you have tacks
    you can have a enlarged map the size of a false wall
    get your markers
    remember the terrain
    research the weathers and the impact of the weathers on the specific terrains
    for as long as you can research back
    check out the crime rate and crime
    know the Pawns who do not know you
    what ground licenses you have?
    How many miles is measured from point A to point B?
    How much gravel and asphalt is needed to be supplied from A to B?
    The machines?
    You know you put it all together
    roads in facts
    all goes back to one piece of land
    huge of a subjective view
    though very tiny as objective view
    plot your ways
    and do what no other person is doing
    and that is doing you to your fullest potential
    and are you responsible for anybody else?
    Me and my bloodlines only
    cause after all they are my Royal Tree
    everybody else it is a case by case basis
    as long as you stay positive
    follow through on your positive plans
    then of course you change people's lives
    and word of mouth changes people lives
    more than any media platform still to date...

    If you like me
    you buy your land
    then build
    if like Imhotep
    you earn your Intellectual rewards as a multigenius
    by obtaining those certifications
    get one degree from one continent
    no matter the prestige
    if you are going for prestige and diversity
    then do marry the two
    if you are going for five degrees
    in five continents
    then pursue five languages
    from Root first then Business secondly.

    I know longer call today of people names of the future...
    i call them the names before the corruption begin
    teaching them live on the spot
    actual facts and truths opens up the third eye spot
    on the spot
    like an ironboard
    every word imagined into a picture has an ethnocentric inventor
    male or female
    every language has its Roots
    if you lacking knowledge of Self
    to be the best you can then you better be greater than your past youth
    and never burnt out like ashes or soot
    you can control changes per retrograde
    the seasons can be shifted when you landscape and horticulture
    you move your chess to monopolize dreams and achieve
    only the negative will continue to act like clowns
    not knowing the tragedy of their All is priceless to the strengthening humble and striving profound
    never be dummied down
    names are names
    i am a true racist
    the definition i created for myself is peaceful safe and sound plus blameless
    non religious non political very real and super confident
    glad i got accountability for myself
    glad i respect myself
    enough to back the negative force contain the negative force
    put that negative force into outer space
    create my atmospheric bubbles
    continue the studies of Warriorism
    from Hannibal Barca campaign to campaign
    making my Tourism as:
    several drive-in movie theaters
    the complete set of Zodiac restaurants
    one time
    museums of ships airplanes and wagons
    libraries of the reconnection
    shelves filled with ethnocentric succession
    breaking away from the purposely enslaved who don't think with or without research
    again search
    a gain sea rich
    acting on the upcoming geechee-gullah lexicon
    privately taught
    along with language changing eras
    the Ancestors created
    from Russian to Arabic to Amharic etc.
    who is a dead nation without its own tongue?
    From the Nile to Mississippi Rivers
    you can find enrichment
    what you do with it is your stee
    Mansa Musa is Montezuma
    phonetically now foe stand at-ease
    cause this is no parade rest
    as a matter of fact just to keep your attention
    don't mention
    an investment group
    without a bank credit union stock market exchange
    options and reserve exchange credit bureau plus wholistic insurance
    cause a Dynasty makes law plus amendments
    branch reunions
    court and protection
    horticulture for the second time
    is defined as landscaping gardening farming plus water management
    within my real state of mind
    mines manses castles and an island would be justified
    silks and minks is the fashion design
    add mudcloth with tribal designs
    on indigenious women coming to and from aromatheraputic rooms
    inside a wellness center accompanied with a few good conscious men
    greater for the candor
    flanks straits invisibility of invincible reciprocity
    i move on nonrecessive fully passive steadily uprising supraaggressive
    if you know who created the ticks and the tocks
    plus the greatest astronomical city ever to be a Dogon plot
    then why carpentry is a problem?

    Why focus on building a city or a country
    when the goal is ethnocentric education
    into the youth's mindset
    now eat
    two sets of intestines
    excrete the liquid and solid
    burp the gas out
    not released
    again leased
    a gain leased
    unless you manipulating hydrogen to the power four...
    give it a name or value
    GAGUT is definitely invaluable
    when you go to sleep during your night
    be the unthinkable percentage
    rest in probability.