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    You mentioned a laptop for sale at Office Depot?

    Yeah they have dem sales especially on Sundays and Mondays. Be there before the early birds lol

    Think it is a sale going on now in there?

    Try it out bro and i they also sale candy by the bulk too.

    Not into the candy but that is interesting.

    Tell me about it. I was like when do Office retail start selling candy and then it hit me with the whole office setup like a dentist or doctor and depending really on the customer you feel me?

    lol yeah man that is true but a dentist though? Maybe a facelift or lawyer cause after the case you won you gotta smile right? lmao

    Eh that was a good one bro dang that was. lol

    So what you doing for Mom duke day? I know you going all out since you deep into all these knowledges and making moves. Man you should be a speaker man. Get shot down and be a legend. lol

    Man me and moms got a fine understanding we dont worry about holidays no more or birthdays. Cause if you peep game it is a tactic for every business to come up and then you outta funds feeling happy you accomplished something. Like Valentines day is a giveaway cause if you aint loving 24/7 then whats the use for a one time day and night right? I mean c'mon it is a rip off and it does not support our economy. Think about the trillions of dollars spent every year on senseless bullcrap bro. Its like the people like and love giving it up like a horny garden tool do. But you see we need to just play our part and capitalize on those opportunities like other businesses do. All holidays you feel me?

    Man you right bro. Eh the garden tool part you killed it bro. Thats funny as heck too. Lol. So you basically fronting to get the money from them in order to do good? Is that what you saying?

    Exactly. You aint gonna get a lick out of the people for anything that positive. My man up in Chicago told me about it and i got introduced to him via another dude. I called up the school in New Jersey the same thing. Down here in South Carolina the same thing for the islam temple and they all said the same thing that if you want an educational center to educate the youth then you will need to do it yourself. Point blank. They tried. Thats show you how illogical the people are and see you keep doing you regardless if they come up or not. Just do not put none of your hope in a people. Watch how they emotionally celebrate and get beat down systematically. They aint thinking and still highly uneducated. Im still going truck driving and about to sign then move on.

    Man i dont know what to say then again you been military and know exactly what is going on obviously. And definitely education is the key cause you cannot go any further without education. Yes we lack on education badly. So all that marching is doing no good huh?

    No good. In fact they are enjoying it. Just as long as it is no other stuff going publicly then it is all good you see. Its all a game. Are you worth more to your family or a people who you really do not know of in the future? Like you read about a people and know lineages of a people and that is it. I rather leave a legacy behind for my family and help correct the problems and issues within my family cause i cannot do nothing first without first knowing thyself then family. I cannot correct the killing and raping and homosexuality on the outside without first correcting it on the inside you feel me? You see me? it is no reason to march unless you wanna get the likeminds attention and start a real million dollar march where all proceeds goes directly towards building an University like i am doing or a School per county or state. Bring your money and just donate before you walk however many miles and have your protection there and make it silent though list it and start during the early morning before sunout so you are respectful with it and not arrogant showing anyone you are indeed tactful about your business. Call it the "silent march" so the CIA does not have a field day with it and you and yours will not be targeted cause you do not need bloodshed as it is not called for when you have no army no navy no air force no coast guard no national guard no nothing. Fathers need to be with their children is the best place now to keep these Mothers or so called Mothers from aborting and giving their children up for adoption. You wanna get rid of homosexuality and feminism at the sametime then make the family household whole again. Now you got core. If you got core then you can transform into a culture and make your own society happen from a community level. Its genius and outright smarter than any foe would imagine. You gotta peep gain constantly. Forget being shortstopped any longer. Then make you a PAC and produce those Leaders from within you see. Just dont claim nothing that aint you you feel me. lol

    Man thats deep. So whats up with the laptop what you doing now?

    Playing with this delivery app.

    Oh yeah you was talking about that a long time ago. You ready to launch it?

    Hell nah. lol. Gotta work out the kinks and im going to finish it up before next year comes around.

    Man i cant wait until black friday bro!

    Now you already know im pissed at that situation cause once again heads going for it all of what they want vs what they need. They playing flashback to them civil war times on one day to be exact. Come get it cause we overstocked you slaves got all the monies so come come and get your discounted stock.

    Dayum thats colder than ice. lol.

    Yeah they said they read their history yet somewhere they forget they got all the skills so why you buying when you should be producing for your own people you supposedly love and all that jazz?

    Civil war. Now thats something even most older people from those times probably have not caught on if they are still living. Black friday is a strategic oversupply for a high demand like preordering without preordering. If you tweak your supply up per quarter and bank on those holidays and special times like that then you golden. I see it now! Dayum they are cold so cold with business and economics.

    Bro that is not even it have you seen them stats on how much they import and export? The people dayum near support the whole supply chain without no command or real influence of power for their own communities. They brainwashed.

    Why you aint out here bro speaking? lol I mean your third eye is clear. Yo im coming through so you can help find a laptop.

    Let me jump in the shower and i aint flirting with women this time bro. No. No female chasing. Just straight biz.

    Man you need to get laid my brother lol. Im telling you one of those females is going to catch you slipping.

    Aint no female raping me or going to setup me up. Never. Im too incognito and about my business for any to be at me for a plot on my seeds. They can put a gun to my head and my family i still wouldnt give my seed up. All them stankbutts been ran through and revisited. Im trying to reach this shaman level and do some higher level spiritual stuff.

    Lol. Man whatever with that stuff man. I will be parked and just come on out but dont be too long man.

    Will do