Black Poetry : Outlaw: Driver's Ed + Restaurant Delivery = The Unemployed Contracted

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    As the time winds down
    i organize the vehicle auctions
    on my phone's contacts
    the whole idea is to
    buy the same vehicle
    same make and model
    a tight close range of years
    four cylinders.

    Buy a commercial building
    in the town limits
    with a bay or two and etc
    office space
    acreage to go with it
    call my business guy up
    who is a master mechanic
    tell him it is on and crunkdafied
    like i said we would get it
    cause my moms and baby sis
    got the orders to carry-out
    it is time to work for ourselves completely.

    You need a passenger license
    a mandatory court approved driving course
    an insurance price reducer we can do this
    a contract which puts you as an entrepreneur while self-employed
    after you finish getting your permit then full license
    we can do this with terms and clauses read correctly
    backed by my lawyer who is retained monthly
    drive one of my vehicles
    keep all of your delivery fees and tips
    if you want to opt of a contractor
    when the timed offer is on the table
    then you can be an employee with investment benefits
    you can get your employee benefits packet
    i done been through the society of human resource management
    got that certificate plus military experience
    and my moms got thirty six years of various managerial experience
    my baby sis is a certified school teacher
    my delivery app is custom plus user friendly
    i got the mom and pop restaurants listed on a word document
    printable or seen pdf to be downloaded
    and commercial business insurance is easier to get than i thought
    plus cost can be inexpensive depending on your capacity to carry-on bigger
    plus most successful business to date started out as a family owned one
    so my tree is coming deeper than deep
    immah start off with four vehicles
    then build up my staple
    yes some drivers may have to switch their vehicle position
    from liability to asset
    buy your own commercial insurance
    since you are entrepreneurs as being self-employed.

    Yes that gas station i will buy
    i am steady researching all the paperwork that is needed
    to retain the natural resources
    regulations of state local and federal to abide by
    no alcohol and tobacco though
    just a redbox on the outside
    with vendors natural and organic foods and drinks
    to include the standard vehicle emergency items
    and a towing service who charges and start batteries
    air and vacuum machine
    plastic cash or coins
    human vehicle detailing with free wi-fi
    membership only
    so i can buy certain tire sizes to keep in stock by the bulk
    bulk meaning wholesale
    Look both ways
    you know the driver's ed school
    and the restaurant delivery
    on my powerpoint slides with effects and animations
    immah i nerd at my best
    being a better businessman
    writing my real
    cause going crosscountry pays
    while you got a business ongoing
    delivering restaurant food at a rate of 1.50 per full order
    add the taxes in
    plus do not forget the grocery stores either
    and your driver's course either paid upfront
    or taken out of your delivery fee check weekly
    until all is paid in full.

    Extra extra Extra extra
    i get to buy property
    fit for a drive-in movie theater
    as the equipment is not all that expensive
    and you already knowing i got skills in running cabling
    to the audio and visual setup
    to the individual speaker box
    immah militant minded experience information technologist part-time cable dog
    with them good natural to organic foods so delightful
    snack your fingers off if you not careful
    cause if you like motion pictures
    then i gotsa to bring it internationally
    closed captioned and not
    about one hundred to two hundred vehicles parked on a brand new paved highlighter marked lot
    i am my own discipline tactic man
    so my moms birthed me unique
    making sure it will never be another like me
    please do not hesitate to pause without speaking my thoughts out your mouf like a fiend's contemplation about how they gotta get dey fix encircled focused on repeat(echoing)....

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    Do what they can't do by simply researching out yours to take that risk and make the monies which is necessary to fuel any goals you have. Evolution....keep growing up is what the sunflower taught me and the ant taught me that matters no greater than the strength you have can ever hurt me so when it is greater than my strength then i tackle the situation with help and in this case it is employing the unemployed....deep in my lineages' spirituality while moving militantly plus sharing energy with like minded folks as they world turn i excel more and more watching they all masterminding every action of my market to be monopolized with precise chess tactic and immah bring it....South Korea on my mind...Seoul...Busan...Pyongtek...i might have mispelled it you know but i'm getting better as them silks and minks get back in my possession branded and solid. Giving ideas back to the ones who gave me ideas while we were both climbing and still is....all the way from 2001 actually since i was in South Korea just peeping the scene of the E-Market and the beach to the medicinal markets to the restaurants and even real estate and see them silks and minks just broke me down to like no way i can wear silk and mink? Automatically them women popped up in my head styling my wear from head to toe and it seemed like yesterday i was dreaming about this but now it is going down again but on a commercial level. Custom make jackets and all of my logo branded patent. If you got a tattoo artist then i highly suggest you get with them to draw up some logos for you if you cool with them and make sure to pay em plus contract it with royalties to be given out with the proper tracking software etc. Always pay your people and remember the stock markets worldwide does not stop from time zone to time zone so be thinking outside the box about placing your business on the stock markets out there. Pay attention to your surroundings as the next generations are changing the scenery right before your very eyes so be conscious and alert!
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    Business and Economics without emotions is me. I have never women in nothing but silks and minks around the parts i have lived at mostly in US....never. And see classism is associated with the term price.

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    See i need to attract likeminded cultural women to my market of noncommercialized clothing line branded as solids and tribal print made on silks from time to time. Other than that i am taking the minks and silks as it is and buying a store out everytime i get the dollar to won exchange rate right im going all in knowing i will get a turnaround profit of at least double.