Black Poetry : Outlaw: Does It Apply To You?

For likeminds like myself does it for example the laws apply to my business approach from a delivery aspect? Passenger? Commercial? Four cylinder vehicles? Contracting vs Employing? Passports and offshoring? Tax havens and restrictions on International Lawyers jurisdiction? Real changes like that cause like on your taxes you are not going to file as an Employee when you are Self-Employed correct? If there is a ethnicity issue then just put other or leave it blank then again make sure you are under the right forms if you are not from any country by lineage or business-wise. Doing business can be tricky though very rewarding.
Moms and my baby sis are getting prepared to work our Dynasty out with the Driver's Ed School and Delivery first. Making my powerpoints more detailed and i keep them uptodate on everything before i decide which trucking company i will use as their are so many offers on the table you know. I done bought my version of my delivery app and just toying with it. Contacting with restaurants on my own really did make a difference making money like i was suppose to and now immah take it to a corporation level S type structure and make it do what it do. When people see your work ethic they notice oh they notice and them cool Asians was like eh let me use you over here too you polite quick and professional and people person you young with head on his shoulders not like the rest. Thats what they say and its all business and economics too. See when you separate yourself from black and white racism altogether and you learn the histories of others you start to notice everybody got prejudice ongoing and their own version of racism though not an english word and you see the world is what it is....full of humans only out for survival of the fittest now thats real. You gotta elevate yourself above your last times to find your own path and if you stuck it is because you still participating in activities that do not apply to you and just leave it alone and let their own racism make them look crazy yasee. Turn the tables and watch them hush it up humbly cause soon or later aint nobody going to be black or white nah just your lineages....seeyou gotta be intelligent or highly intelligent to pick that up cause everything is going back to the Ancient times while you think its going to a millenia of a new and see all you have to do is just be yourself and stand up for yourself and prosper as you are without following everybody else unless you a follower go ahead like a cow or animal lead astray go ahead and go but im doing what my family tree is doing while connecting with likeminded folks....


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