Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
To make a Stock Market Exchange
from a S type business structure
creating notarized promissory notes
with your potential investors
be the details to make sure you can handle
giving back on time
not like a fervor scandal
get the ears of the small businesses
get them to change their business structure to C type
they pay a fee per timed increment
you got likeminded Information Techs?
Put them nerds to work like they love it yasee
You got specific engineers?
Then get the building(s) erect
set the minimum initial investment for each small business to enter
oh the Initial Public Offering
you gotta a newspaper that be incognito?
you know a rebel from the underground who be all about dey steelows?
look at them suits walking neater and cleaner
which another business of attire revenue of sales gets a boost too
everybody wanna wear what the real players wear
banker shoes
pinstripes and two tone shirts
bowlers sitting untouched
fresh cuts and braids
silks and minks datz what dem women at the top of dey gains bumble bee ah-wea ah-wea wearing
stepping featured and dangerous
respected intelligent and superior
now the hand rocks the cradle
instructed degree by degree....
And when you search through my poetry you gon find nothing but ideas to be used in any applicable situation concerning business and economics cause where there is emptiness you can fulfill it instead of being the null and void....don't be stupid like they taught you to be....use your brain to defeat your last times with greater succession. This is for likeminds only....


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