Black Poetry : Outlaw: Best of Both Worlds

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    See knowing their technology
    helps keeping their technology in place
    you have to keep technically and tactic above proficient.

    See knowing my lineages
    means i get to delve into Knowledge
    known to me
    gifted and talented
    from the Cherokee
    i can ride them horses
    build my Totem
    know exactly where i am at within my Totem
    plant accordingly to the Seasons
    War Dance when i have too
    combine the Vodun lineage
    and we get movement of my Royal Tree
    busting through hard and soft grounds
    aiming to reach across that equatorial line
    where Rings are not needed
    growing up following the Sun
    turning to follow Life
    as this planet rotates
    palm trees bounce
    universal rhythm teaches me the degrades of a skeleton still vibrates
    rotten flesh turns into a maggot's delicious meal
    flies are born to give life into more within 24 hours
    be the numerical value placed upon your forehead unannounced
    since that birth certificate is your opposite of that death certificate
    you really death now
    you get to a peak uphill then you start to downgrade
    shifting gears
    trying to find the best route
    not too steep
    cause an unintellectual being most likely have no retarders
    plus drifters stay in your blind spot
    just make sure your passenger insurance is triumphant and tighter
    press the gas a little harder
    watch the miles per hour pass
    be aware of the outer bounds
    lanes oncoming
    exits oncoming
    you see them signs up ahead?
    am i concerned of where they headed
    behind me or to the sides
    has puddles of rainwater mixed with chemically imbalance asphalt sediment
    hope your windows are up so no sideburns get wetted
    no matter your hormones and the gender
    caps to the wigs to the fresh hair-dos
    venues get served
    all from your chamber of commerce
    frozen chicken wings in the back
    packed with turmeric rosemary unrefined sea salt cuban spices fruits and herbs mixed
    peppercorn crushed
    apple cider vinegar to the guts
    swished around making whirls inside my alkaline water mug
    held up
    to me lips
    my pecs tighten
    my grenades contracts
    eyes still on the road
    cannot afford to be swanging in another lane
    after another gulp
    for surely i will dip
    put my signal flashers to the left
    tires hit a light reflector
    bumping no name brand song
    just some underdawgs jamming instrumentally
    reminding of them times when i had my drumsticks
    all wooden with the plastic waxed tips
    just got off work
    and ready to hit that church with my shades on
    sitting down with my head ten oclock tilt
    Dave on the acoustic
    three females on the microphones
    we ain't doing no gospel
    we jamming
    all in?!?
    They giggle like yeah we in
    a german she got tremolo vocals
    a barbados she got the dooowaps
    an irish she got that opera like wannabe blues hitting
    and another homeboy from the Dirty South on the keys
    i got tha one and the two and the three
    a lazy type of start offbeating steady attacking
    Dave look back like oh shyte he in that realm again so we freestyling
    as i keep the metronome ticking to the tock with my signature rimshots
    the homie on the keys gotta little twiddle de de in his bones
    the women humming
    plus they fanning and smiling hard
    as the rhythm can rock and roll yo souls
    i'm in control
    grasp dem bells
    work dem girls toes
    dey hips shake
    and nobody knows i'm following their body flow
    cause i plays from a peripheral vision
    while third eye focus
    rolling from destination to destination contemplating
    putting pieces of my funk together
    like the clip and your trigger
    familiar notes of the chords
    musical formations
    up ahead another mileage marker
    i need a saxy who can play quarters
    i need an upright bassist who can slouch your bones into a relaxing dismay
    i need an asian instrumentalist who can pluck your attention into a forever remembrance
    i need Queen Nyabinghi on the three sacred drums
    add myself on the MPC 2500
    and we got the 5 Initiates
    recording at that time when 4 O'clock flower says so
    and ending before the flower closes
    if you miss that session then we all about to ride in a SUV
    through the midnight in the winds with our shades on
    instruments in the back
    we find a spot to jam at
    pull over and ensemble
    the recording of the instrumentalist with my lips pressed repeating replicas of how box beating
    we do this for about one minute
    as the loop goes perfect
    back in the SUV with instruments packed
    put the instrumental on the editing software
    as soon as we get back we hyped about it all
    cause a track within a track is the Gemini Way
    way two artistic
    cause when we combine as the day and night
    fo show
    we gets positively wicked
    pure Soul down by Virgo's Perfection Law
    and plus feeling terrific
    the Zodiac Master
    on my own levels gaining thrilling esteem full sails and steam stream ahead honk the airhorn! honk!!!
    come to a park
    get out the doors
    and lets us bump
    inside the studio
    with your instruments yes i am on some other legendary fix
    doing music with possibly one of every body from each country
    of the entire map...
    the math is exact
    i got work to do
    that is why my Royal Tree comes first
    i got legend markers to make
    that's why i really do not care about the news or they hypocrisies
    glad i been in that pentagon to know what i know so i don't have to be caught up in the unknown
    cause i want them real women on my team
    take a snapshot of her walk when i blink
    now her walking all is stored to my memory
    long and short term
    i can make a beat based on her switching from the hip switches waist suspending bounces
    upper body working the flirts
    like the flute that serve
    catch my learning curve
    as she stops at the corner street light before lunch time
    the crosswalk...
    be the end
    and that bam or gentle slow down...
    fade her out...
    you know my song..
    you know my EP...
    i'm on some other level of my gains
    bumping my life
    to do or die peaked on my mountainous heights....

    As long as i keep my food stored
    rainwater stored drinkable honey styled sealed jugged
    to the underground spring fresh
    then i am good
    use they technology to further my arts
    while back behind the scenes of my all
    i keep moving like a silent army of ants
    who ain't worried about no one out here
    minding my own business far and near
    networking and privately publishing
    building my outer sights solely away from the plights and droughts called they public
    ah yeah and ummm ugh
    learn how tah round em up
    with my jute and hemp rope
    further my skills on the bow and arrow dimensionally
    get me a bag filled with sand
    carry my krises crossed with the wooden handles
    out they come so i can stab at-will
    take it bag full of sand
    take it right der
    to dem guts
    best tah give it up
    jump back to flying knee kick'ya
    to the chest rising into your sternum
    knock the wind out
    a blowout gasping to remember what happen
    beat'ya chest inward wit my two set of knuckles
    the same two who been pushed on while holding their stance tuff on hard concrete
    at the weight of 160 pounds per pushup for about 17 years
    and my physique ain't fo show nah
    all for the use of this human vehicle
    just in case danger tries to endanger me
    as the Edo and the Cherokee
    i gotsa give em all that i got
    like an AT4 backblast area all clear
    one-time attack of incendiary aggression explosive on contact through contacts or pupils of a frantic viewer discretion is not advised
    i did while dey died....