Black Poetry : Outlaw: Being A Leader Ain't Easy


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
From the list of abandoned schools for sale
to the list of abandoned towns for sale
to the list of governmental structures up for sale
to the lands out from the towns and cities for sale
i can settle for a high school reconstruction model
doing it my way still private for-profit
cause my way is the Ancestral way
get the list of small businesses
and a list of trades with no age restrictions meaning
certifications applicable to markets
guaranteed to return on investment
depending on the millage rate per sector
and of course what goes on inside your home is none of my business...
i just be expressive and expose myself ain't nothing to hide here
cause i gotta be the truth and fact as i present them
in order to get my mission complete
as others got theirs too
so i never trip on dem others
i just stay in my lane getting my ride on
hanging with my Ancestors
from my cousins to my fathers to my muthaz
and of course my baby i can't forget
making the cents per mile count
plus them tips and my own delivery fees
and them service fees too per order
if you do not use your brain
then for sure another mastermind on the ph scale will
i rather contract you into an entrepreneur
to be frank and honest...
contract a specific group of academic writers
they go away into nature for about a year
meaning into these streets non-negatively all positively
the ethnocentric aspirants need ethnocentric math and science books
a stock market exchange would be tight as funk you can see the Young Ancestor in me clearly
cut they own currency to the public
build a bank to accommodate it all you see
cause if several business accepts the monies
like down here it is going around and around to an extent
due to the power influence and artistic view of it all
many are still psychologically stuck on an unbacked currency
i rather be brave about mine and do more surveys on the under to many in the public
but like i said before certain heads has to be down with it all
that's why you stick together of the likemindsets
everything about me and you is to be studied like my Gullah People in the Lowcountry and the village near Charleston
to Plymouth UK
back to Mexico cause i done seen Muthaz from a tribe i thought i recognized as the last of the remnants there
while in San Diego at the DMV getting my identification card for the first time
dayum times fly bye slapping me in the face sometimes
i wakes up to be better than my last times getting around
from my towns to yours without even a notice...
some people be paranoid but these undercover trick sites aint though
fools out here losing they minds night and day as if the player's ball was in effect 24/7
they ghosting...
no haterism on mine just gain peeping at loss
being a leader ain't easy
and whoever said it was is a liar to the fullest
cause you lose comrades to foolishness
even see your soul diminish to the mission of vain if you ain't careful
that's why my spirit doesn't really give a fuhk no mo'
cause immah die anyway so i might as well go out with a bang
getting younger as the earth rotates and orbits
solo to the maximum and praised for the work i put in
cause i stayed down to the fullest while everybody got up and left
they disappeared to be individuals of untrustworthy people collectively
the night air is cold and chilly
police looking for new and old suspects at all corners to fulfill their discretionary quota
whether for personal gain or their religious attitude of pride straight mentally insane
and the ones up top give them medals and rewards
reminding me of the times i use to receive the same roman awards
until i stop receiving them giving them to others real talk
right in front of tens to hundreds sometimes
and you could see the faces turn as some meanmugged then some smiled on even brighter
shyte my Ancestors don't care about your facial expressions so why should i on the real?
I listen to myself from within and learn to make a beat in the mental plane first
then let my heartbeat feel it as the temperature did it's thang when i arise ontop of my spiritual mountains with my University
i wouldn't give a fuhk what side you own
as long as these young aspirants get to enjoy themselves in a safe location getting supremely educated
all year round
and i got my plans on lock
getting my businesses together into a conglomerate
being the best of my both worlds
the business and economics
and tribal
teacher to student ratio will be small
maybe 10-20
but no more than 20 per School
i got 13 Ancestors as each one is a School
instead of a grade
starting with Harriet Tubman as the K
ending with Tupac Shakur as the 13th
making Benjamin Banneker the advance School of Business and Economics
he the surprise of all surprises
is how i figured for the 5th draft time...
teach em how to design or reconstruct a city or town and run it tactically and technically proficient
immah dedicate my second life to this mission of mine without anybody approval or sillyass ratings
cause you never helped in the first place
scared of your own intellect and guts
it ain't no comrades i know around here except the woods and the gravesites and my memories of them without tears
so like i said before it is a list of abandon schools
so like i said before it is a list of abandon towns
plus plenty land up for sale
dayum can't save every child so i turn my back while at the rivers sometime
looking into they destiny weighed deep below
cause in the physical it is hell
and dem others make you hella angry playing games and being trifling
controlling the mindsets of the masses like a remote control machine on wheels on its own slippery slope
knowing good well it ain't enough battery juice to turn them around
and so you see i done seen the flames in the innocent eyes of many blown out
i learned from the mystic moth to stay close to the light
traveling the darkness you can see the insanity uncontrolled kicking str8 wicked
dey souls are cold
no matter males or females
or dey uniforms or how dey hide
and see the internet is full of servers
with people as administrators and webmasters
that's the substitution for a real network of likeminds
you got the machines in the way but that's okay
i'm gon still reach out to the likemindsets with or without you garden tool and the punk(echoing)
and so far it ain't no female gon step to me except the real
and that's far and few in between the needles of the haystack
another black male just got popped this morning by another black male as always
and people tripping on colors of racism when the dummy just stopped another racist from reaching his destiny
cause he was jealous based on poverty being stricken of education under the influence of his emotions without no idea of how to move his hand of chess...
and nobody don't care to raise a shirt of black live matters 360
cause indeed death live matters
when your mindset is over it all
so i can get much love from the East for reconnecting
and yeah let abortion keep killing em off especially if it is black males
as long it is not Edo or Cherokee or the Roots you feel me
cause a color is a color and a Root is a Root
a drastic difference
cause the Irishman or woman is black to a white supremacist
though non black to a black supremacist
it is amazing on the real...
it will shock your Soul and true education of a human race on the real
they killing themselves keeping constant confusion
i rather call you by your ethnic roots
which is the technical truth
cause crayons of a color are just words of fables from a plagiarist who had to keep the lies up
and finally one day and night committees sat down to ruled in effect that everything written was true
which i do not trip on
cause i am Edo stemming from the West Coast of Afrika
and Cherokee stemming from the Five Nations
so i'm learning myself to get ahead of my last times
taking off like a jet
and don't care if you respect me or not
as a matter of fact you can keep yours
i ain't wasting my energy of trying to please you
though i will speak languages to you out of respect to communicate effectively between me and you
and dialects are important
cause business is business
and being a leader in today's time ain't easy
when you a stereotype like me
though i don't have any sympathy or empathy for my stereotype
cause i know me to be Edo and Cherokee
i just remember to continue on and never jump on the bandwagon
instead i represent my Muthaz from Jamaica who taught me well
and my downass homegirls from Afrika who introduce me to myself in the first place
i can still see their faces altogether like is he dead or alive
and i was alive it just took them some deep rite surgery to raise me back to who i really was
i use to beg em sometimes to be with them or be with me it was all the same
just feed me like the Universe said you should and immah return the karma back
i'm being real as i can be cause being taught to be stupid ain't the way to go out you feel me
regardless of the iddy biddy pieces my Elders use to hit us wid as knee high yungins
so i feel those children out there trying to belong in the world where their ain't no place to go
trapped and filled with hatred and confusion and now hooked up to an ide
with the slave switch on
and the master switch on of the first hardrive
and you can dual boot to switch up all you want to but it will not work effectively
cause eventually you will fade on this side
and it is best to get your business and economics together and just lay tracks on this side
and dip to the East
you can go to the South where Latin America is
you can go to Asia
you can go to Afrika where most are from
besides here cause everybody is fleeing
to one city to the other looking for a change of scenery
as the ants communicate
the other one finds peace
and the other one finds war
though no ant of their colored colony is together...
that's why you got different colonies
and some are termites...
putting a twist to the whole game indeed
while others learn to keep their colony altogether
without no interference
even the supposedly pesticides will not kill em off
now that's my type of colony
i gotta get with them cause they like me
and share with them my insights and duties
being a leader ain't easy

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