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    I have visited many museums and libraries
    across the planet
    some i was told to hurry-up
    and basically get out
    cause i was being too nosy
    minding my own business
    recalling on those subjects
    in school who said i was this and that
    just to find out it was the opposite
    and even furthermore revealing
    of the facts my tree has roots
    which are deep indeed...
    man i was listening to Queen Ifrica today
    and i totally agree with her
    forget the youngest country which is trillions in debt
    of which is also the spearhead of the so called West ideology
    if you do not know that hip hop
    is official homosexual
    people didn't catch on to the previous of many artists albums
    that hip hop indeed was dead and is
    so if you putting literature to a beat
    it is deemed music
    if you are insisted on hip hop
    then go for it
    i mean r and b been catering to the homosexuals long time ago
    look at boyz to men?
    See eventually the ones in the closet comes out
    and too many it hurts them
    cause you was fooled into thinking he represented you
    all so well about being together
    when indeed it was the end of the road
    and they was telling you all along
    but many just wanted and needed to hear
    what they wanted to hear
    and see that is just the beginning
    yet my whole thing is
    why they switched mindsets off instrumental music
    from a gamma beta and other wavelengths
    which even Duke Ellington you can hear his genius
    in how he mastered the trigonometry
    along with Thelonious Monk
    and let us take it back to Beethoven
    Mozart and etc.
    now that is real soul music
    which you missed the history of to the point
    you forgot your origins of the Lute...
    see music is suppose to transition you
    and look at the word transition
    there is a transition supposedly in every song
    and by the way literature without perceived sound is called what?
    Just literature or you can say lyrics
    of which you focus not on the well putting it to a beat
    see if you didn't get taught WATER
    then your mastery in SCRIBE
    is just a beginner
    and if at that just a wannabe(hahahahahahaha)
    you just knocking on the door in vain
    you haven't learn your chemistry
    you haven't learn your physics
    you haven't learn no calculus
    no arithmetic
    no nothing....
    you never passed or even achieved the 1st degree
    but let me stop right there cause i am on my own mastery
    and teaching is fundamental now separate the words
    where are your images?
    Tell me...if your body is made out of mostly water
    then how come you cannot write like water?
    You speak it too you know what i mean?
    I mean you can wet people up or fire em up or blow em away or ground em
    hell you can even switch em on and off
    but a copycat can only go so far before his or her tail
    get to waggling and get caught
    like i give em room to hang themselves
    you know the cartoon tom and jerry?
    Light bulbs went off indeed!
    What is the definition of a pronoun?
    Which word in a sentence redirects back to the subject?
    What is a sentence?
    What is the correlation of a prison or jail term to the word SENTENCE from an astronomical-criminal aspect?
    Is the english language logographic like mandarin?
    The punk knows who i am talking too
    and i bet your heartbeat has sped up into a rate of dire concern
    wondering did anybody catch on
    and if they did
    was the door swung to be closed
    key thrown away?
    Or did you magically "thought" a key up
    in your comic book
    as you flipped the pages
    to see your little stick figurine go and go and just go
    there you go just'ah running ain't ya?
    You wanna be from the country don't ya?
    You wanna speak geechi-gullah which is broken english dontcha??
    Hmm? Say what? Oh yeah definitely you are a clown to be laughed at
    from a raccoon level
    though even raccoons ain't even claiming yoass
    cause they don't think and know mocking them is funny at all....

    Now back to the artifacts
    once you make the decision to go all the way
    you realize you are changing moments at a time
    i mean after all this is why theories are theories
    and theorems are theorems
    i agree with the original masons
    once you get that skill you build
    i been studying the masons for quite sometime now
    even they look at me twice or two
    cause i speak from an intelligent order
    therefore i think from an intelligent order
    do not get me twisted
    unless you need a tornado in your field of arranged thoughts
    which is on you of course
    no matter the rearrangements
    we all can come out as roses
    who blooms and stop
    back to the subject at hand...
    you got your pen or pencil?
    life is nothing but a movie
    so now when people see me
    as they visit the bigger museums
    kids are taught i am missing defeated extinct banished blacked dayum plagued
    you know all you need to do is read these children's book nowadays
    see that is why black people are afraid to be themselves
    cause they are getting out-published on all fronts
    their music is in general homosexual-comic drug-infested homicidal-suicidal religiously-hopeless overly-sexual and more
    though when you listen to pure instrumental
    you cannot put a label on it...
    plus the ancients found out how instruments play apart of healing or moving passageways to be open
    i myself have experimented with several instruments namely the acoustic guitar
    now compare the lute guitar and human body
    and tell yourself this is seriously amazing!
    The Ancestors was on point!
    They knew that in the later times
    one would have to go back to the original essence of living
    including real storytelling
    i myself expanded into business and economics
    which confuses the heck out of people to the point of no return
    it is like giving medicine to a mindset
    and the baby refuses spitting it out like paatuey!!! blah ick!
    Though that's how sick the mind of the masses are
    you see...
    they need that fix like a fiend
    and a fiend will not stop until the body rot
    unless that fiend find his or her way
    and some switch from one vice to the other
    like they go from a biological drug to a religion drug
    which you become dependent on either or
    it is just like the ego and its separation
    i can honestly do without mine and could care less
    cause i done been to the otherside where it ain't no-thing
    man i was in peace for years it seemed until the physical plane made it seem like minutes
    i could have been brain dead
    yet i had some work to finish
    and my dumbtail wanted to finish the work
    instead of being at home forever and ever no man's land
    don't you know this is bullshyte typing my energy into an input
    for you to see it as an output by low level programming
    of how we supposedly suppose to be communicating?
    You know this is hell right?
    I know 2Pac said it the best how you gotta make heaven out of what you got
    for the meanwhile cause all of this is temporary
    and i can testify to that shyte all day and night long
    like you would be a fool to be an angel around all these devils
    and it really ain't got nothing to do with a religion either
    just reality on the real
    then again i am glad i do not have any children
    which doesn't make me out to be a dog on the loose gives me more leadway to excel and build for others just like me
    who wanna sit down and write for a living you know
    or wanna do art the fine way and change their world
    or wanna do films everybody enjoys as a treasure
    or wanna landscape their communities with pride like yeah we change the perception
    and killed the negative statistics
    yeah now that's some shyte i'm on without being revolutionary...
    all it takes is basically growing up...
    if you wanna be a rapper forever
    then i got no choice but to band out my group this year
    and dismantle everyone round for round
    non-hip hop
    just all education flooding the markets
    and you the so called white people are going to love it
    and the so called blacks will follow
    cause the beat will be banging indeed
    and immah make sure we never get seen
    just all digital and cds
    no more wack and non-educational or homosexual and overly sexual or religious dogmatic music
    i don't need a distribution or label
    all you need is your own money
    and cater to the kids on an educational level
    and i done tested it on several homegirls
    even had their kids wanting my cd
    after i rode them in my car several times
    here and there you know how the ghetto is
    even had the mutha within them cracking a smile
    but they tried to hide it like nah this man ain't rocking my soul with his whatever
    yeah they be fighting the positivity and i don't have a clue why though
    but shyte why not be free of the stupidity and be who you are is a question that never get answered
    so you know they go back to being a whore or the negative b-word etc
    that's all they content with really and they make with whatever you put out
    to be real and make the best of it
    i mean if someone said i was whore worldwide then immah be the best whore i can be
    you feel what im saying?
    Cause you wrote me or freestyled me that'away
    and so on
    but if you are a real artist with fine art and performing art skills
    then you can paint a picture to make it motion so positive
    and i don't mean no romantic stuff either cause that's fake
    i mean like when you see a landscaping crew change the front of a neighborhood
    everything shines you see what i'm saying?
    Even kids wanna play more cause they feel safe and alive
    they feel young as when it was old and ragged it felt done-fo
    see somehow i was lucky lucky to be around almost half of Afrika and Islands while in VA and DC to include UK and i mean roots from everywhere cause it is true
    be careful what you wish for cause you just might get
    and i wished for women of roots to just embrace me with the real
    and booyah!! they starting coming from every end on end
    and i was like dayum this is the bomb!!!!
    I came back to the country
    and my homeboys was like man
    tell me you did this and that man
    i was like nah nah man
    they was you lying man c'mon dawg i know you did
    and i was like nah i didn't i just wanted to belong and get educated so i could be me
    and they looked at me like either this my homie stupid lying or he been on some other trip soul searching on the real
    when the nerdiness came out they figured ahhh yeah this never ignorant getting goals accomplished went soul searching
    but they always asked about those females though
    so i gave em the artifacts from a shallow point of view
    cause that's all most males be thinking about females anyway
    they just tongue hungry and even try to knock the next man out the way for a piece of notoriety and sexual action
    but a dude like me don't even care
    cause i got secrets that changed me to the core from way way way back
    and i just evolve more and more off those secrets
    cause what you don't remember closes back like a stone crypt in place
    now you gotta blast it out
    and that's most people memories anyway
    so i can tell you all day long and know you will forget
    cause being me i'm suppose to know that as i have to mastermind
    so i can't be slipping...
    so when you forget about me
    i become an artifact
    and if you remember i am used as an tool
    and so you just work yourself to the point of no return...
    art i fact.