Black Poetry : Outlaw: Architecture


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Put in work
help redesign
plus install stone and concrete block
skeleton structure
with militant squarish walls
drainage included
the kind you can post on
horticulture pathways along side
have depots connected to them all
storing can goods inside jars plus spring tap water with the honey and moringa in it
cast iron heating
plus wood burning ovens
gardens in all the courts
fields of vegetations too
in the stockpile room
be the peashooters
wooden handled krises crossed
bow and arrows
hempsacks and canteens
to include spices and herbs by pounds and tons
horses in the stable
little to big
wooden wagons buckwheat shells padded
rubber tires
and manual tire inflators
to include machine non-coin operated ones
treat and enameled
wooden umbrellas with waxed clothed as the tops
cause the mechanics is not metal if you got the fine understanding of how to open and close it
diesel generator for modern backup
solar power panel everything
the nut trees and fruit trees are not to be forgotten
create a fighter confidence course
with sandbags for irregular kickboxing
have sea salt on standby for them frosty days and nights
totem poles and walk stops with stonechests filled with circulating books written whenever done
i am never domesticated
use the animals for they blessed feces and coat to worn when their life expectancy is almost up
leaving the meat to be sold to the visitors aka tourists
grilled inside an earth pit
human feces get buried with earth shoveled on top it
just do not forget to bring your lavender honey tea tree oil sea salt water
at room temperature or not
use your hands to clean your behind very well
or fresh cotton out the fields stored
treated with tea tree and neem oil
you good plus clean and oiled
go to the deep clay spot
where you find raw sugar scrubs and sea salt scrubs infused with turmeric and argan oil
then again coconut oil and jojoba oil
however you clean yourself is all great
to include your hair too
mud down
encapsule yourself anew person
out comes the butterfly
and don't forget your apple cider vinegar spoonful
everyday and night
sustain yourself from the roots of outside trees barks and flowers known
a cup full before you head to rest
or go on duty to troop down your position
on the wall at your post awaken
never ignorant getting goals accomplished
now that is what is up
or meet the bow and arrows
maybe the claymore
cause you slipped up and tripped up
looking above
at the archers
not knowing the horsemen where behind you in our prints fitted
or maybe peashoot ya
or wooden glockya
cause we got animals in control
from them dingos to the servals
and you aint dealing with a movie(echoing)....

Forget being domesticated as they or an animal
i wild rose thorny and uncut
let me use my distillery for them flowers
and we got alcohol and oils
know that type of seasonings is wuz up...
and we unknown like that
protecting ourselves
doing venerations and connecting routes
keeping secrets through private sovereign ways
an ampitheater for the tourists
and a circular music temple designed
to keep energies suspended
playing our instruments ritefully
you can call us the blessed tribes of talents and gifts paid for you to witness it....

Above is a link to the Village and a couple others i have been to including a homeboy of mine and we helped out with our bare hands to include get the electricity back up for the Queen and Women over there. There are many women over there who have changed their lives and got it together when American society did nothing for them i mean go for yourself. And see if you wanna build or help build anything to include being sovereign you go here and below even further to Gullah People. Now not to excuse the South but over in California those desert areas are up for sale and see if you got a spring you can located then you got everything else cause you can do hydroponics with the vegetables. I studied hydroponics a little bit when i was over there and went to the mountains and stayed there for abit to include the desert and it was good you just gotta know who to survive of which domesticated people do not. You take the average domestic cat versus the wild one and guess who is going to outlive who? Now you take that same wild cat and introduce it to domestication it is going to remain who it is and master the domestication rather than the domesticated cat will not and probably will die off though the survival rate is rare. I told him the Uncle of the Village and there are people from Afrika to here connected in some real real ways and it is a whole underground movement going on that most do not know what is going on i am like a groundhog who just happened to pop up like hey over here! And then i'm gone for good cause i got my own mission yet i am down with them in a major way as i am just getting started and gon connect people in a super way that will benefit all parties including myself and my Royal Family Tree. I got my vision from visiting there twice actually to include the Great Wall of China to Shona People and mine and so on. Like i said you must win the war before even making a move and i learned from Sun Tzu and Hannibal Barca that it is no limit to accomplishing what you really need to do vs what you do not need to do. I did archery back in Fort Belvoir while the homies thought it was crazy and senseless and even carved my own peashooter to make it look like a flute cause at that time i was playing my flute on the under from back in those ole grade school days and so i just practice with wet balled paper then escalated to pebbles hitting soda cans though i never tried bbs or pellets...i attempted to make a box glock but i got sidetrack with my OpenMic venue on base. Of course i have toyed around with knives since little but these knives were something special and see when you play video games sometimes you get curious. Those daggers i wondered if they were real or just made into a graphic form righ? I forgot the name of the store in Alexandria i believe but this guy had these krises and i was like man those look like one of the characters weapons on Mortal Kombat and we laughed and then he said yeah it is but not like the Sai. I asked to hold it and i was like dayum!! I feel some type of way on the real and he asked me was i military cause i stood like it and held the knife like it and i was like yeah is that a known give away? He said yeah cause usually when guys like you and no offense comes in it is the ghetto ones or ill neighborhoods and i do not let them hold anything for obvious reasons but you seemed genuine and almost like you are on a path or something. I said yeah i am just going places and keeping memory of it and you are right and you didn't offend me cause i do how much is this beautiful--kris--yes kris. He said for you my friend i will drop it to 34 dollars. I said what??!?! He laughed some more and i was like mesmerized by the shine and texture and curves to the point and wooden grasp you see. I felt one with that weapon and of course i pulled out the plastic card and said sold! Now getting back to the village at hand it does need to be rebuild since the storm and all and you can get your veneration done there and even stay for your course too. I highly recommend you not be domesticated and go like you suppose to be going as a natural being.
I done studied the castles in United Kingdom built by the Moors and done seen the icon they pray to behind the scenes in Catholic Churches on the real but you research it...i done even studied Medusa and saw females from the East freeze males and females on base and out of base rolling in my ride and my homegirl from Morocco Lamia rolling in hers and everytime i was like dayum they got superior feminine power at the ages between 21-25 where they stop traffic and make things happen and now that's power on the real from the feminine side. I mean they was showing me how everything was built from a root level and how much of people really know who we are and was like fuhk it immah be myself then to the fullest from a masculine level inside to the outer cause i wanna make positive situations move for my people and the weak who be giving they all and cannot succeed without a real helping hand cause i done been there before as people kept passing bye looking and laughing so i was like at least if i get on my feet i can do this and i did...i just kept them in memory to include them talks with dem Muthaz from Jamaica who help build me up i just took myself further to sculpt and extend out as an architecture they cannot overstand so they will have to be frozen for a minute of however their attention get sentenced. Putting together your own pieces of the puzzle is empowering on the real i just share mine like the real shared theirs like them two black panthers i knew briefly for about six months or so...cause watching the movement of how traffic comes in and out the businesses your face to them eyes to your brain the silent codes is loudly recognized when auras are felt as the times of businesses open and close police shifts change the moon get around and so does the sun and so does parent's daughters in the backseats to the front while sons roll as brave as they can knowing it is nothing but a grave or cell awaiting for them when taking the wrong way down that dead end and i done saw it all i wanted to see plus churches are the primary reasons the youth either can succeed or fail as making deals with handshaking smiles who be laughing at you and your generation cause you thought God was the almighty when the Devil showed you a greater ride and ink from that pen selling your Soul away to stay fly and nobody really cries at the funeral from Soul it is all emotional guilt and coldness of silence....yeah where dem organizations you love who said they would stay down to the ending in reality? Cause politics is politics and the real is the real but when the real uses politics from an obtuse angle you cannot sleep at rest instead keeping you at attention as this soldier comes through the ranks to inspect yo gear and you betnot flinch nor look at me...that's righ...str8 controlling....


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