Black Poetry : Outlaw: And You Right Mi Amigo Gracias


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Cause putting in work
gives the soul relief
to express movement
everyday and night
i done scene my all
humans called people
from their social perspective
look on into their sayings
some pause
when i walk through
forgetting their lines
conversation of the front pages
of their entire newspaper faded already
and you will not catch me tricking around
i put myself first shielded representing my crown
the Garveyian Difference on orbit around my mindset
teaches me new aspects of patience within my planning
the feeling is astounding and amazing
leaving others staring at me cause from my left peripheral vision i be tweaking
formulas as my young face vogues my impression per every second
you wasting time trying to figure out who i am
while i am busy figuring out how these mines going to be operated
plus them roads getting paved smoothly adjusted to a trucker's path
site surveying plus mega dollars plus unsigned contracts plus me and your lawyer
can make the right deal happen as we all shake hands
smiling away to be continued inside our agendas
word will always get back as bad news reported to the city planner and communities through them shades of hues
i got blues to play since i was born 1982 plus two more years you can see me pushing a 1984 Regal on gold spinning spokes one hundred center cap dome style
yeah it is just a main attraction midnight flaked paint dropped with my switches
not even caring one bit about anybody tattletelling snitches or how your cotton panties got stuck when my bumper bounce dropped
you into an involuntary reaction thrown up in the air thats what's happening
pure uncut raw tripped out and factual popping of my trunk
oh surprise need that silk and mink plus them glass slippers and we can get our foes drunk from they eyes
they smiled
and said you my never ignorant getting goals accomplished
i accept unbacked and backed cash monies plus rolls of coins and plastic with or without the chipset in it(echoing)
straight up with demanding customers all around me
you can freeze me mobbing deeply though centered as that nucleus drawing electrons in closer
we can get this static traveling shasha popped crackling(geah)
and not that skin of the chicken or pig in that bag sold at different prices stuck on the endcap dangling for days to weeks to months even oddly
it is just a daze confusing you into an artificial high so your epitome's epiphany of being uplifted flier can be left cloudy as a haze
the second time is called amazed
and hooray for the funk in you
do what you gotta due
move how you wanna move
plus groove why you gotta groove
and be smooth where you want to be smooth
and hooray for the funk in you
it's just a fantasy minus you being with me
me i take action looking around watching for my signs
i dig more humble in order to be professionally found
and profound off the rebound
attacking down my court of chess
and you right that 51 year old from New York
having no kids and no drama means i can fly anyday
cause males these days and nights do not think like that
and i already know jealous and envy are the backstabbers to any each every back
while making six figures back to back without being black to be exact
from commercial delivery to my passenger delivery to my professional landscaping
photography by a young professional soul i know who is down when i call cause he know me professionally
i can see that past man of my last times walking thinking freely in southern California from the town of San Ysidro
now over here
cause putting in work
gives the soul relief
to express movement
everyday and night
taking my time one step at a time like my late Great Uncle George's goat
and you right mi amigo gracias....
Being on one of my dreams almost complete is just one out of many already i do not even care about these riches from an negative egotistical aspect i'm just thankful to be getting work done you know taking one step at a time eating what i can then watching over my own plans vigilantly....i take my lessons from nature serious cause humans do not really pay attention to them like and so i wanna be like that from a philosophical point of view just minding my own business though aware at all times like that hawk you feel me? Yeah like that hawk....


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