Black Poetry : Outlaw: A Color Has No Lineage

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    Now a color is a sound indeed....
    yet if you steadily believe in colors
    then who is the author of it all?
    And why the author let humans mix the same letters up as people
    names and whatevers?
    Tell me...what is going on inside yo mind?
    Is it denial?
    Oh is it the truth?
    Then let the truth be multifaceted...
    and when your children grow up wanting to know peace
    after you died
    vs mine and many others
    just remember while you sleeping comfortably
    did you make any changes on earth
    the name of a physical matters
    of the physical plane...
    or was you just ignorant to the utmost degree
    as a matter of fact too silly
    see the life you know it can be called peek-a-boo
    like a child to a child
    behind trees
    behind major interruptions
    behind classic obstructions
    as cliques
    the sick
    who never learned nor memorized balance
    letters and symbols
    defenders of a language who enslaved them as that noose hung up high at an angle
    while the attentive fear within the suspicious crowd struggles of struck
    networked images to brain
    burnt in instructions
    the same knowledge i know
    somebody else know
    yet fight for him yeah he the best
    yet fight for her yeah she the best
    we worship you yeah but dayum him or her or them
    oh did we inherit the disease
    though who is the we
    when the we never came together to say no or yes
    and who gave the one the power to rule over all?
    Must be the dictator conscious
    if i race against the last times to get that piece of temporary property
    before another gets it
    then i can be looked at as inconsiderate greedy right hasty alone
    the same as anyone who is up against all odds of an audience who swears to live by criticism to dayum your life to be or not be
    fuhk you too
    my heartbeat says itz on
    and oh my gosh
    there he go again being disrespectful
    when you disrespectful and fake to yourselves from sunup to sundown
    by not doing what you said you would
    and that is on you you fool
    you can play crazy
    and act it out
    as nothing is new under the sun
    as that art degree is your major still labeled a minor
    and even go to events as if you are a minor
    when you knowing you are a major...
    nevermind you don't get
    and never will as stupidity is that critical gene needed
    like the homosexual one i am starting to believe it is...
    cause if everything starts at home
    minds go to school to meet
    well did the meeting of the minds go well?
    by each grade did anybody stay together to build?
    and did any teacher(s) from home to the school put in werk to the endless imagining society to be fully balanced?
    or is society all about you and your individual life politically held up as an award of trife?
    And yeah who you listening to?
    As a matter of fact why every black muthafuhka wanna be a rapper?
    And why your trends rule the masses?
    And why you drowning in your own blood as the abortion rate x violence of however x homosexuality x preventable diseases and disorders x disappearances who both genders are equally responsible to the power increase = genocide?
    The tide is rising you fakeassniggas...and youbytchasstricks...and whatever you wanna call yourself as a collective whether it be a color or a country and a continent but dem Last Poets was right on the real--dey confused
    and see why dey are quarantined
    and i see why dey got no power
    they been politicking for over 57 years and nothing has changed...
    so if you an evolutionary being then go about and change yourself...
    that's the best solution opportunity can give on the real
    the rest is straight entertainment
    and what is written is no secret....
    and don't feel appalled either
    just take yo ether tah dah neck
    and drop....
    cause sacrifice plays a crucial and critical part of change
    and if you don't look at yourself in the mirror realer than real
    then of course welcome back to reality again
    where it is the same ole same
    undisturbed and satisfied
    and find your peace yet do not get mad and uncomfortable when another ain't wid you
    cause if you religious that's called gossip....
    and if you street then that's called it is what it is....
    and if you high in classism then that's called politics....
    cause you can be one way then switch hit another....
    though while in Southern California i did feel peace without being around black and african americans for a first time in my life without all the money
    though while in England when i had six figures for the first time in my life i felt peace cause i didn't care who and what color or gender you was
    though while i was around my people who had lineage they can recalled easily and educate i felt peace and a type of peace that i knew i could pull wealth and riches from every perspective...
    now when i was alone and still i felt the ultimate peace cause i could go with whatever arts and knowledges i had and still have for my Royal Tree and Generations and Ancestors
    so i figured i would take the best of two
    meaning i need to be around my real people
    plus maintain me as an identity for my Royal Tree and Generations and Ancestors....