Black Poetry : Outlaw: 7 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Down North Main cameras watch from many angles it is the new black entertainment television since most do not know themselves outside a skin color mercenaries ride in their locs whether undercovers or deep cover style their blood bleed blue before oxygen hits a sample of the spill from a pig or rather a hog grown to be slaughtered for the feet boiled in vinegar sea salt mustard cayenne pepper and a few elf peppers for that extra kick add a preservative to the whole shalang you get a finished product to be jarred and sealed pay about five bucks as a pledged customer and watch how they lose spontaneity in interacting with others reasonably distracted probably difficult with problem solving a type of function associated with being a consumer within the supply and demand chain of command psychology whether as your own axiology labeled subjectively from a philosophical ivy league professor's point of view as a sentence taxed period spoken conversation to be lower astronomical thought two be war and peace language difficulty tied knots into a perfect hammock swinging moods from limb to limb diminishing abstract reasoning playfully happier in a peaceful realm daydreaming about seizing diss ordering auras to enlarge irresistible circumferences of impairments conferencing several braver shadows talk amongst them all be feverish poison oak hard corps orders upon persistent colonial muthafuhkaz cause right about now strange reveries are getting crucial decreasing vitality in the breathing of a beating withered rose look up above strengthened before i go going gone drops enough water to revive your thriving bliss all leafs lifted celebrating heavenly praise i knew you first plus we raised up fully illicit illustrated our completed targets reached plus negotiated dear sleepy eyes of trillions who sought sincerely the first round draft you picked (echoing)....


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