Black Poetry : Outlaw: 6 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
On Percival the all is darkened which requires enlightenment moringa by the 2 teaspoons i had to i had to i had to i had to pull over to the gas station positioned the transmission gear into park from drive release my right foot off the brake slid back the seat as my peach yogurt awaited to be ate peeled back the unsealed top licked it proudly dumped the leaf powder inside stirred my black plastic teaspoon swirling and whirling eyes wide to the ticking rimshot hitting no time to think my large intestines is fiending as my tongue responds to the bitter sweet sour through nerves neurons serve their purpose reporting taste corresponding to the appropriate organs broken down to the complex scientific formula simply flowing dispersing hours of cellular biochemistry physic i felt the servings released after breaking fast my breakfast exactly cause i slept to arose not worried about no human-made laws changing unless it suits me contracted by driver's license using local state and federal systems as my own systems deserve seeds to be sewn and reaped playing the game of paper unbacked currency i got my own power acknowledging no one to help me build my own italian restaurant as the sketch sits penciled and uncolored rough and thorough kind of erased on the sides at the bottom of the rectangular drawing pad is a guide of all the symbols i created of the 1500 square foot fine dining spot about 20 couples can be seated at circular tables about 3 foot in diameter or should i say circumference then again radius well you figured it out designed for two to come from both sides comfortably geometric genius arriving at your axiom well rounded cheeks high or low moonstone eyes and laid back jet black hair flat ironed and true to my game without bullets after my government name share certificate in my name printed legibly privately framed like the dhec and osha ones to include my college 4 year degree i am non-boule related and neither sought out by so called white college degreed women i love to say it proudly cause name brand thongs and seductive bedroom attire under grey pinstripe jacket white bloused white pearls clasped around the neck skirt to the top of her smooth knees black mid shiny heels business suit wear do not attract me sexually and that is your illegal cocaine dust left inside that rolled cash note you said you snort it from sun to dawn heard all in your songs while i pulled off though not a condom though protected armed my pen is greater than any gong light bulbs lit the invisible wavy sound tremolo trigonometry grew the first round draft you picked....


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