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So between the passenger delivery and cdl delivery within a four year period i am looking at an estimate of at least a half of million dollars after taxes and expenses paid plus contracts of family members paid which is not bad cause the passenger delivery drivers will be getting paid their delivery fees and tips plus i will be giving them a bonus monthly if we consecutively get the 200 daily order satisfied to prevent certain fees being access by the delivery app developer. What i am saying is be organized and i tossed a gift into another a likemind lap about a month ago and i am wondering if she is like this is the Zodiac circle moving on the real. She's in California and she has a youtube and she just had this struggle about her and i was like man let me drop a gem in her lap since she is a so and so from the Zodiac cause she is suppose to be doing something supergreat on the real and she just need that extra boost. Dropped the idea and immah see what's up...i did it before several times to see how real people are and only one responded back out of all the males and females of the Zodiac and she was a female. It was a two liner with a smiley face and she was an airhead like myself i just responded back with no problem. Now she was outta GA. So i use the internet lesser than on-ground like a 20% and on-ground 80%.
Go the length and i am up to 23 miles on this book already with different roads and highways and i have not even crossed over into the UK yet and to be published privately to my own library. I do plan on buying a professional camera and snapping my own photos while on the road and putting them in the book as well. Art is too cool. All i have to say is make sure you got your prepaid lawyer or someone you can trust from a law perspective. Maybe a paralegal? I'm a notary public so if i need a document notarized i'm good for one state. And make sure you get the best affordable insurance you can find and just stick to your guns. See doing the delivery from the passenger side i do not need land purchased but the commercial side i will and that is when i begin the whole estate plan of the Empire. Nothing happens overnight...get the help of your Ancestors and just keep focused. I know people making way more money than me and living way wealthier though they tell me i am lucky cause i'm by myself which enables me to make more than possible and i'm like yeah but it ain't for's for my Ancestors the Generations of my Royal Tree.


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