Black Poetry : Outlaw: 4 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Like black seed oil mixed with olive oil inside a 2 ounce bottle converted into a metric unit of 59 milliliters i twisted the cap off gently as the eyedropper is attached letting the natural solution drip and drop and drip and drop and tick and tock approximately five seconds are wasted out of 24 hours what is left to do for this Cherokee Edo is to squeeze a little bit inside my left palm about five droplets cause my face is feeling indifferent sow the feeling is real and my real sees thru all rock and rolling souls provoking lashes to lash out on backs slavery style although psychologically now is how it is done though i never downplay sow i upload another face of factual evidence be a coin worth copper part gold part silver still currency river more on a cowrie shell as beauty reveals divination across incomprehensible walking beauties who educated self of much common sense to the blood iron counts and magnetize better strength which extends durability enabling a mini stretch of a do not stop and do not quit sprint cause the present is never the end all fit when intensity needs time frequently four wheeling across terrain weather rains or thunder overseeing droughts making the atmosphere rumble shaking fears into suspicious humans being's shaky stumbles my arising quakes earth open port ejects steam of nonchemical endangering bubble that is me floating gaseous encircled focused and humble cause i am going going gone my muthaz raised me up cause they knew your negative tattletelling songs was on switch transformer capacitor i hit the male end lights went off and so did the tiny electrical grid without solar power you and your children will forever stay in darkness until your every end and never open your eye to even imagine touching your toes to bend when behind you is unknown and any sound makes you flinch as if the equalizer sat at your board of directors measuring your wits in megahertz metaphysical lay keys down grooving cruising at 30 miles an hour or in the bed holding on to another one of my pages be your first choice chanced consequentially moved by chess from my chest of much more heart beating steel written draft you picked....


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