Black Poetry : Outlaw: 3 Mile


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
The gas station is designed to have all of my deliverers get regular maintenance done twenty four seven weekly oil changes filters inspected rotating tires alignment suspension smoothly kept in place no matter the model make year plus a specific a color across all eyes appear the same no logo abiding by tint laws locally and federally full comprehensive and collision insurance me and you can arrange and will be arranged when renting my vehicles delivering hot and cold food products within an hour to and from customers and restaurants including my own Italian authentic fine dining spot as the supply and demand theorem escalate hot my eyes keeps in search on new to old fuel stations watching traffic disappear just to reappear based on highway design plus local road of new and old refined to include personal needs and wants locally to make every human dream spending a fake currency come true not to mention an empty space of about two acres can plot a depot too including my own cdl trucks certified carriers of epa regulated hazards guaranteed we aint spilling i am a Souljah str8 ten toes down ten fingers typing sorting pen and pencil planning every situation you must cause right about now votes are casted inside a ballot box locked in and away heads and tails walked briefly into a space unoccupied talking and texting their future generation's song while i keep flowing the real going going gone(echoing) graphical charts show no folk just an evolutionary statistics of ah come up investors came to the table one hundred percent mindsets made up closed two doors everybody else is locked out two hundred eyes know i am a businessman five foot six inches charcoal pinstripe suit lemon pressed cleanly without any of my shadows telling about my previous successful clouts my motivating ambitions as a spiritual rider is forever stuck in drive until my ancestral transmission gives doubt sow that is a never without no doubt since my fluents are Edo and Cherokee our ongoing legendary accomplishments are heavy weighed factual so never dare me enemies you are written as the forbidden due to being scary....


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