Black Poetry : Outlaw: 2 Mile

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    My zenith power is in the rooted hands of every proactive beeholder buzzing socially-at-work tuned in and tuned up and plugged in and turned up and fueled in and empowered up without artistically acting falsely unless the script calls for bluffing actions spells corners angles connected to lines expanded width multiplied length add depth of wisdom by the eighth of inches per day and night soils receive tiers of knowledge to be decayed relayed remaining the main source to combine photosynthesis which is simply your picture plus a human process spoken or written as a paragraphical metaphysical lyric or rite parable of transformation illuminated with captioned meaning based on your local niche's need for you to be who they need for you to be sow you grow to that rate of expectancy berthing cliches and metaphors of subatomic destinies chemically imbalanced due to hormonal changes from eating processed foods one way or the others minus taste on the tongue dear flickers of the fearful sprung up above all bells have rung five minutes after the highest noon showed how my Sun has shun....