Black Poetry : Outlaw: 1 Mile

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    Str8 Souljah and i'm going going gone(echoing) the 16 cowrie shells wrapped around the ends of my Edocherokeeian hair tells all before i show without a tale plus i do not bail neither no drugs i sells nor participate in sexual activities either i am an immortal or a silent bomb shattering every tense still inside moving attracting magnetic bits and digits secure emotions and mouths who flow keeping their hands in the air cause all around is stiffen stifling striving minus trifling supposedly you set tripping sow i broke you down by each factor and mathematical sign forwards and backwards to include each space the heights and your lows below foes will never come up boobie trapped true indeed spring action suspense is not your genre as i grab my region representing word testified on my nuts you swore to lick in order one teste to the two i thought you knew and you are minus that alphabetical letter i can evolve summaries equally and connected revolver out the predicted chosen chamber to the largest organ without one gamma sound problem solved critically acclaimed condition is crucial i'm out coasting in the winds as the first round draft you picked....