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    By Andre Austin

    I plan on building a foundation to explain a spiritual experience in the firmament/heavens from the cradle to the grave. We must go back in time to the Old testament to see if our physical bodies reach heaven or in coffins in the earth. Do our spirits exit our bodies and travel to space up into the heavens. Can an embalmed body drained of its blood enter heaven as an empty flesh? Paul thought no and we will dig into it. So I will try to explain this complex issue within the order of these topics of Pythagoras, firmaments, Jacob’s ladder, Jacob and Joseph mummification process, Jesus ossuary stone coffin and a Roman decree forbidding body snatching tombs.


    The Greeks call Pythagoras the first philosopher who took many of his lessons out of Egypt. Pythagoras believed the soul is indestructible but temporarily detachable from the body; a theory of ‘bilocation’ which came from Orpheus which was Egyptian philosophy. Herodotus already claimed the Egyptians already had claims on the immortality of the soul with limits if your heart is eaten up by a crocodile in hell. The soul was imperishable when it went north because the stars there never disappeared. Its unclear if the Bible completely destroys the soul in hell or if it’s a refinery or purification process. Paul knew about Pythagoras out of body experience when he said he was “caught up to the third heaven/firmament. Whether it was in the body or out of the body” (2 Cor 12:2). More likely caught up in a stone mountain.


    Robert Ingersoll wrote a book titled Some Mistakes of Moses and stated: the idea that the firmament was the abode of the deity must have been in the mind of Moses when he related the dream of Jacob “And he dreamed, and behold, a ladder (Its Osiris ladder) set upon the earth and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of god ascending and descending on it. The man who wrote that absurd account must have believed that god lived above the earth in the firmament. Of course, God could easily remove any person bodily to heaven, as it was but a little way above the earth. Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him. The accounts in the Bible of the ascension of Elijah, Christ and St. Paul were born of the belief that the firmament was the dwelling place of God. It probably never occurred to these writers that if the firmament was seven or eight miles away, Enoch and the rest would have been frozen perfectly stiff long before the journey could have been completed.


    First allow me to explain the firmament was original an Egyptian land mountain or pyramid from which biblical redactors missed, unintentional or intentional. The sky between heaven and earth was this firmament held up by their deity Shu. The Hebrews being monotheists disassociated Shu from the phenomena and just called the firmament heaven itself. Now I see why the Hebrews saw Nimrod attempting to reach heaven/firmament from the Tower of Babel. This would evolve into individual housetops Jesus would save like Noah’s Ark. Its all one big parable. I like to compare the rebirth process of baptism to a firmament. Pretend your under water and your body rise up like a new Temple/firmament/mountain or pyramid. In the Bible this mountain was the dry land that emerged. The dry land was Ham, black soil, The waters that pushed up this land/mass mountain was the Nile.

    The Myth: God said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters (Gen 1:6-7

    The reality: This firmament arising out of the waters is the primeval mountain of the Egyptian myth which would become the pharaohs pyramid and Jesus meeting Elijah and Moses on a mountain (Mark 9)
    After calling forth the first light and dividing the light from the darkness, Genesis tells us that God caused a firmament to rise in the midst of the waters, and this firmament divided the waters from the waters; (this is the origins of baptism). As the verses quoted above clearly show, the dividing of the waters from the waters refers to the separation of water above the firmament from the water below the firmament.

    In all the Egyptian Creation myths, following the appearance of the first light (usually identified with the god Atum) the creator god caused a mountain to emerge out of the primeval waters. (Now picture John the Baptist having Jesus emerge out of the water and Noah’s ark birds flying in the air searching for land/Mountain). This mountain, by its nature, was a solid physical entity, a firmament, and according to the Egyptian view, it separated the primeval waters into waters above and waters below. The Egyptians viewed the sky as a waterway through which the sun god Re sailed the solar barque. The primeval mountain/pyramid became the space in between the waters above and below and provided the force that held them apart. Just like Nimrod (Pharaoh Sesostris) building the step pyramid trying to reach the firmament/heaven to save mankind from another flood and to unite races and languages as one.

    The rising firmament in genesis is indistinguishable from the primeval mountain that emerged out of the Nun/water, the primeval waters, and in both the biblical and Egyptian stories, the rising occurs in the same sequential order in the creation process, after the summoning forth of the first light by the spoken word.


    The reality of this scene derives from Egyptian writings from the third millennium BC pyramids that describe funerary rituals for the deceased Pharaoh. Jacob named the site of the ladder Beth-el which means House of God, and says that this was the gate to heaven. The Egyptian name for heaven was Hathor=house of Horus. All new kings in Egypt was called Horus and the dead became Osiris. The exchange or replacement of ladders is a funeral ritual of replacing dead king with a new king in Egypt. Just like the deceased king-figure Isaac which his replacement with the new tribal king-figure Jacob. In they pyramids texts written in stone states: “Re setteth upright the ladder for Osiris, and Horus raiseth up the ladder for his father Osiris, he sit down Set”. This binary allusion to heaven we have NT heaven open up with angels ascending and descending on Jesus (John 1:50) and at death one angel at his head and one at feet (John 20:12). In Egypt we have the pyramid holding the body with pointing shafts north and south with stars of eternal life going either to the north and or with a new experience in the south. Paul has his Christians shining like stars (Philipians 2:15) And Angels are like stars in (Rev 1:20). We are transformed into Angels/Stars in heaven just like the Egyptian soul leaving the pyramid/mountain shaft up to Orion or Draconic stars. Souls are Stars and People become Angels after physical death.


    So says Ralph Muncaster who wrote the above title and former hot headed skeptic stated:

    Jacob and Joseph (Genesis 37-50 Both requested that they be mummified at death. Ancient embalming methods were identical in detail according to Egyptian customs. It took 40 days to embalm Joseph and it took 40 days for Jesus to ascend to heaven. Paul said flesh and blood couldn’t go to heaven so Jesus body had to be embalmed and drained of its blood. Now if its true Jesus had an Ossuary for his totally decayed bones then his body didn’t go to heaven either.


    In 1878 a stone inscription was found in Nazareth dating from the 1st century AD.

    “Ordinance of Caesar. It is my pleasure that graves and tombs remain undisturbed in perpetuity for those who have made them for the cult of their ancestors, or children, or members of their house. if, however, any man lay information that another has either demolished them, or has in any other way extracted the buried, or has maliciously transferred them to other places in order to wrong them, or has displaced the sealing or other stones, against such a one I order that a trial be instituted, as in respect of the gods, so in regard to the cult of mortals. For it shall be much more obligatory to honor the buried. Let it be absolutely forbidden for anyone to disturb them. In the case of contravention I desire that the offender be sentenced to capital punishment on charge of violation of sepulture”. Translation could be inferred that Christians had made a religious movement by replacing Jesus body from one stone tomb to another giving the erroneous impression that he rose to heaven in his body suit after 3 days. Or his body is in a mountain, maybe like Moses, they misunderstood to be a firmament/heaven.

    Paul said our spirits are raised spiritually. So we can have no walking and talking after death. Blood drained from the body renders the heart useless because it needs it. Heaven isn’t a place for blood and flesh. Your spirit/soul must exit the body. Earth for the body and spirit for the heaven. You become like Angels having no flesh to be fruitful, marry or multiply. You are a Soul man on Judgment day with an awesome out of body experience.