Chief Elder Osiris : Out Of All Of Our wanting, Nothing Trump Our Need For Freedom

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    Out Of All Of Our wanting, Nothing Trump Our Need For Freedom.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    A Divine Mind reside within the body of Divine Beings, and it is freedom that is the companion of a Divine mind, that Mind being immune to confusion, to influence, to being controlled, to lies and acts that deceive.

    Beloved, it is such a mind that associate with the joy of freedom, a quality of Mind that is Divine.

    Today, Afrika and Afrikans disunity, is because of the way Black people have no knowledge of self and has been made to believe that freedom is secondary to individual popularity, which has Black people competing against each other for recognition and acceptance by those who cause Black people to believe in religion and not to know of the value of freedom for Black people, freedom is a goal when taken away, to be fought for.

    It is the savagery of Mind of the Afrikan, and not the Primitive mind of the Afrikan, that has the Black Afrikan despising freedom, while wanting what is given, which is based upon a slave mentality instead of desiring what is not given back when taken away from you.

    So, in order to know the value of freedom, you must be able to remember when it was in your life that you lived with freedom, and to know why it is no longer a part of your life, such knowledge will affirm the return of your primitive mind, which is Divine, a quality of Mind that is not at ease without Freedom.

    A mind conditioned to compromise when the need is for freedom, is a mind that work against those who are in need of freedom.

    Why is it so difficult for Black people to settle for the only thing that will serve as a clear indication that the Black life is due the ultimate of respect, which is freedom of mind.

    Black people should stop trying to justify that which is not justifiable, which is your want to be equal to Lucifer the Human Being, because you are much more than Lucifer equal.

    The caliber of mind Black people wear today, is what cause Black people to believe that freedom is not to be considered an option for the lives of the Black Afrikan, which is why Black people operate with the spirit we do so today, a spirit that is responsible for Afrika present condition and the Black Afrikan without unity.

    When the Black life is of the major concern, then freedom is not an option along with many other option regarding the Black Life condition, freedom must always be the goal for the Black life to enjoy, when not present in the lives of Black people.

    Many Black activists have their opinion about the avenue the Black life should pursue and what the settlement should be, that will satisfy the Black life.

    Yet, to the serious Black Afrikan Nationalist, the Black life is not shaped around an opinion, the Black life must be set within the confine of Divine fact, and that fact must be the need for freedom for the Black life, without compromise.

    Given the state of the Black Life today, there is no Time for room to negotiate about the path best for travel by the Mind of Black people, that path being freedom.

    Black people life today has no choice about what is best information for the Black life to embrace, when the information of choice is between that information that is Divine or profane.

    Divine information being that which contradict the information that the Black life has been conditioned to be accustomed to, and now that Divine information has come to the lives of Black people today.

    So, all of you Black people who tend to reject that which the Black life is not familiar with, opting to remain with information that has a proven record of lying to and deceiving Black people, you become the lover of the profane and the enemy to that which is Divine.

    It is a Mind drunk with profane information that will settle for information the Black life now follow, and reject information that the Black life has no acquaintance with.

    Yet it is the wisdom of choice that will have Black people to choose the Divine information to be the Black life guide, over the profane information that now serve as a guide to Black people.

    Today, all that we do and believe, has been proven to be counter productive to the Black life.

    Yet, we choose to cling to that we believe about things not known to be understood, in reference to the Black life, and we rebuke that which will give us knowledge concerning the Black life, one such information is profane and the other is Divine.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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