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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
scout :

i'll take a triple scooper

vanila, pecan praline, & nutty coconut

cashier :

anything for you?

gm :

i'm fine

[turning to the scout]

Cheryll Swoopes was telling me about her too

scout :

everybody has been raving about her

i knew she was good but ...

[grabbing the ice cream cone]

i didn't know she was a hooper

or how much she loved her Starship trooper

i figured if we got together and caught a few groupers

we could talk out the bloopers

and she’d think it’d be super

gm :

so did i

so what happened?

scout :

she lit up Howard’s power grid

gm :

and he really matched her buyout bid?

scout :

and then some

you’ve got to see this kid in person to believe it

gm :

super duper!!!!!!

where is she now?

[scout shrugs]

[cell phone rings]

[Eve’s isuzu trooper]

[Eve puts in a cd]

howard :

who is that?

eve :


howard :

sounds pretty good

[turns up the volume]

Eve …. About our last chat

eve :

don’t worry Howard, you’re still my Celebrity Rap Superstar

howard :

we found lightning in a jar didn’t we

[Eve smiles and nods]

[while leaving the ice cream parlor]

gm :

Hooper, washingon!!!!!

how did they get way out there?

scout :

apparently Seattle contacted her first

gm :

i suggest we hurry then

where’s Mr. Cooper?

[Staple Center]

michael :

okay ...

i see

i’ll be out there first thing in the morning

no problem

i’ll see you then

[somewhere east of Seattle]

[Eve clicks off her phone]

howard :

so he’ll be waiting?

eve :

at the airport

howard :

does he know we’re dating?

eve :

i don’t think so, as far he knows our relationship has yet to start off the basketball court

[back at The Staple Center]

michael :

Eve & howard debating

it’s about time

[calls in secretary]

secretary :

yes sir

michael :

would you bring in Howard’s rhymes?

[jots it down]

anything else

that’s all

[secretary leaves]

contemplating ….

if only I was still in my prime ….

oh well, It’s Howard’s time

she’ll love him

eve & howard


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