Black People : Our time and the show down against White Supremacy.

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    I'm kicking back here in Htown and I'm listening to Dr. Wesley and she's putting out some fire! But all of her latest comment is well grained in my brain the knowledge she's put out before. Dr. Wesley is saying that we are at a crucial time in our history upon this planet from Ebola, first Black U.S President and rising murders of Black males unarmed. As I said before White Supremacy is in panic mode because White people's population is decreasing seriously and ours as a people is growing. Whites are fighting for genetic survival but nothing can save them from the low birth rate to death rate amongst them. This is a curse upon these people because they have broke the taboos of life. The universe has a way of prosecuting any entity that becomes a threat to existence. The Earth has the same kind of mechanism implanted into it as well. The White race has broken every taboo known to humanity and show no signs of yielding.

    As Black people we must put an end to White Supremacy and kill it in our minds and hearts. We must group together like minds and spirits to raise treasury, institute a socially engineered change. White Supremacy is against us doing anything constructive and will try to disrupt our efforts with extreme violence. But no matter what happens we must not cave in, we must seek a separate geographical area for our development. We must develop that area in new existing territory and not build upon any infrastructure that Europeans have built. This is a serious issue as Europeans have made claims upon any infrastructure they have built and use it as justification for colonial taxes and interference. We need to build our own roads and streets, sewage and power systems, grow our own food sources and create our own economy.

    We must have an African American Renaissance and build here in the United States in our own land that we have recognized as a separate nation. We need to train our Youth in various technical positions so that we can build and maintain our own infrastructure. We need not worry so much about professional people but loyal people in our quest to build separate of White Supremacy and Blacks who have made themselves agents of that system. We need billions of dollars as any of you can see and we have the money! Let's do it and bring death to White Supremacy at least for some of us in a gradual progress.

    Support Black Nations.

    Support financially Oyo Tunji and Gullah Nation. Those who have taken the physical steps to build their own world not just talk about it.