Black Poetry : Our Relationship

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    I am possessive to be with you,
    i listen honestly to everything you experience,
    i feel your good,
    i give you mine to be fulfilled as your destiny,
    keep me recharged by having faith in me,
    it is the love deserved,
    it is the love created full circle,
    from the first touch,
    you will remember me,
    from the first experience of real attraction,
    have it your way everyday and night,
    i'm loyal to the end absolutely forever,
    give me your secrets to keep sealed,
    write your letters of worries,
    as each stroke curves into straits,
    we connect...
    i respect you to the end,
    never no-one like me,
    from the front cover of your book,
    to the back i knew you truly,
    i will give you strength in the name you call on,
    from within yourself all is reasoned,
    though i will never do evil for you,
    it will be perceived as good,
    watch your mind,
    or you will deceive our destiny,
    making it our fate,
    don't you believe in me?
    cause i believe in you as the will to do,
    fore you and only you i will,
    and will do,
    our relationship.