Black Poetry : Our Relationship (UNFINISHED)


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Apr 7, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
What would I do if I didnt have you
Days wouldnt be the same
Nights would never get through

Could I walk the same, Talke the same
Would my life have any meaning
Would I die a foolish man
Forever hopeless, but dreaming

What would I do if I didnt know your name
Could I awake in the morning or even tale the difference
Between Joy and Pain

Could I indulge in love
If I didn't know the true meaning
Are would I only paint perfect pictures
Of you, and keep dreaming

What would I do if I couldn't talk to you
Who would I call my friend
Who would I tell my story too

Would I go out of my mind from lack of attention
Would I always wanna speak out
Only to keep it to myself, afraid no one will listen

What road would I take,if I didnt have your direction
Would I walk the straight and narrow
Or through lifes battle field without any protection....................................................


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