Black Poetry : Our mind is the control tower of our life

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    what we think about is really what controls us

    we can't control everybody else but we need to learn to respond

    what is it that determines what I think

    programmed to think the way God thinks

    controlling your thoughts cause that's what controls everything

    set your mind on the things above not what's on the earth

    consider the members of your body dead to sin

    when you trusted Jesus you died to your old way of life

    the pathway of controlling our thoughts begins with our relationship with Jesus Christ

    it requires to me how to control my thoughts

    that's why people who are very beautiful think their ugly

    those that are skinny really believe they are fat

    people are ruined as the result of what they were taught

    we are to live godly in an ungodly environment

    people go to church but there is a way you have to think that is true

    even if our gospel has failed in whose case has blinded the minds of the unbeliever

    he blinds the minds of unbelievers and deceives believers

    Satan works on your mind why its important to get your mind renewed.

    we have the power to recall but they mind is very important & can be deceived by the devil

    when you give yourself to a specific sin then you can have a repobate mind

    it makes a difference what you think its imprinted on your mind

    the mind is a strange things and powerful part of your body

    you have the Holy Spirit living in you as a believer a helper to inable in your thinking right

    you are responsible to what you think & how you think it

    we sew a thought and reap and action

    unseen thoughts produces visible consequences in your life

    it came from your thinking don't think less on yourself as God sees you

    when a thought comes to your mind accept that thought and express it

    you have within you the power of the spirit of God to begin to think rightly

    we are the products of our choices in our life

    where will these thoughts lead me ?

    will these thoughts get me to where I want to go ?

    are these thoughts scripturally acceptable ?

    you do not have to watch what you do not like.

    will these thoughts build us up or tare us down

    could I share these thoughts with someone else ?

    what did these thoughts originate ?

    all of those questions you have the power to answer for your life

    do I feel guilty thinking these thoughts ?

    where we are is the result of how we have been thinking all these years

    we have the mind of Christ Jesus gave us the power to think like him

    do these thoughts fit who I am as a follower of Jesus

    love is from God lust is from the world cause lust is a desire

    love is selfless it is giving

    there is no such thing as free love

    true genuine love has a price tag it cost you something

    love is purity and lust is sin & disobedience

    love develops and lust destroys

    love is peaceful and lust is full of anxiety

    we have to choose to obey Christ's commands in this life