Black Poetry : Our lives matter


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
Walking through our soul with muddy boots
Attempting to take our serenity as loot
Yet questioning our sincerity and integrity
When we highlight the blatant disparity
Yes a hammer sees everything as a nail
However this realization is far from a fail
Time to just simply call a spade a spade
We all recognize your fingerprints on the knifeblade
The only differential is we're refusing to silently ingest
No more taking the screw grinning as if it's all a jest
We are going to pick up our tools and make war
We've allow you to pull up by the noose too far
Not advocating violence but an intellectual revolution
For we are awake and no longer passively accepting the delusion
Sorry if this leaves an alarming bitter taste in your mouth
But how long did you think you'd hook us as the big mouth trout
You had to know that this day would eventually come
No other people have received such a twisted welcome
And then been asked to bend over and quietly take it
Sorry but this square peg is finally questioning the fit
For years I submissively took this treatment as my due
But I've taken the rosy glasses off and seen the true hue
And there's no way to unlook down the rabbit hole
Breaking free out of the matrix's sheep fold
As the Phoenix rise so shall I with my pen in hand
Rewritting our destiny not as request but as a demand

We’ll take up arms, as Brother Clyde has said
Draw a line in the sand ‘til the dungeons run red

Tired of the sense of entitlement you claim as yours
While pushing my people to extinction’s doors

So many have said it; I’m just repeating their rants
Against racial injustice, and your righteous stance

We endured the lynching and beatings of the fifties
Water-hosing cops, and police dogs…in the sixties

You’ve exchanged your hoods for a badge and a gun
Leaving my brethren in body bags, as you have your fun

But I’ve had enough of the world you’ve given
Time to stand up…to rejoin the living

Before long, you’ll think of me as the madd hatter
Rethink your strategy…Coz Our Lives Matter


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