Black People : Our Last Chance For Survival...Really.

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    Recently, I had to go to the West Coast for work. I was in San Franciso. Much of my mother's family lives in Cali.; but I had not been to "Frisco" since I was a little girl. So, I am hold up in this european "small" hotel; and everyday I walk to and fro conferences; and get a lot of walk around the city with co-workers, etc... I immediately notice and comment on the fact that I hardly see any of Our Folks? I mean, except those on the street, begging and talking to themselves, or having fights with imaginary people. Family comes and I ask them, where are Our Folks? So, I am taken on a tour... Our people are hold up; away from the business district.... the land that used to be theirs infiltrated and gentrified by Whites, Asians, and what they call the "Pink Terrorists" (gays). Our folks are in ghettos literally pushed to the margins; and they don't seem to care. I asked if they had sued like in NY. No, they had not. I also noticed that some of the push out had resulted in some nice areas of lakes and room for businesses; and was told, "Yeah, this is some nice land here,.... but the "folks" don't want nothing, they are happy living like this..."
    I noticed that there is China Town, Japantown, and HispanicTown....No, Black Town...and nobody cares--- not even my family--- they have just moved away.... and could care less if Blacks even tried to hold onto what they got---which ghettos are not much...but the potential to make those ghettos home: You should see the lakes and mountains that some of these slums are rested on; the closed doors that can be opened as businesses...the potential for the people to come together and make lemonade out of the lemons they had been given and accepted.

    I don't know what is happening in your neck of the woods; but I am working on saving mine. Peace.