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Sep 27, 2008
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I washed up on shore and awaken to a violent storm. I noticed I was still in my chains and no matter how much I pulled and shake these old chains would not break.

Exhausted and fatigue I arose to my feet I walk through knee high mud survived the flash floods and in the distance I saw a man down on bended knee praying beside a old tree. So I came within an arms reach just to hear him say Amen he looked at me and sighed with relief. He said “it took you a little while but I always believed”. He extended his hand to greet me and I wondered who is this man of mystery?

He said I am your missing link what always got you by and helped you think. I’ve been waiting and I shall never leave. I am the man you prayed to be the dreams you will live to see. Together we are destiny. The ancestors appeared vividly we sat we talked they brought me up to speed and handed my duty.

They said Look at a man and see him as that. My chains became weak and as I took a second look I realize I was holding the chains they never held me. The ancestors said bow your head and give your hand to me for this mighty fist represents our unity, your words are the doorway to our community. You represent everything we use to be your children are all our future sees.

With my wounds healed and God as my Shield I take to the battlefield. Life presented me with a new ambition and clear vision of what lies ahead. I stand here today as loves revenge. My spirit bound to every man women and child that have given their life so I could be the voice for sacrifice. I was branded with the sign of peace, life is no longer
Mystery because I have my history.


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