Black People : Our History proves ; Cultural Revolutions , cure Cultural Viruses!


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Nov 18, 2016
The Three Wise men , Garvey, Clarence Allah, Huey P Newton; waged Cultural Revolutions , that transformed Millions out of
Complacency, Myopia , Self Hate, , Materialism, Religious Addiction, and Economic and Poltical Apathy,
and did it with no technology, media and not much or no money in some cases ! 17270
The Black community , for the past 25 years has suffered under the Virus , of Gangsta , Thug, Balling , Pimping and recently Drill Culture ,
that has made us ambivelent to National Black Unity and Collective , Economic and Politcal Focus , and now 2019 , at a time
when we need that the most as we face upgraded and rebooted White Supremacy!
We are in great need of a new Cultural Revolution July 4 , 2019, for our Mental Independence!

Live Sunday 12 Noon ET!

Brother OldSoul - Consciousness Raising Online

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