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Sep 17, 2012
In the year 2020 the Covid-19 virus showed in no uncertain terms how blacks have been affected by this virus. Many blacks in USA and in the Caribbean have found themselves suffering from what is called Non Communicable Diseases - high blood pressure, diabetes. Here in Barbados blacks who died from Covid had underlying conditions. With the virus affecting many those with these underlying conditions were more at risk.. The diet of blacks during slavery was atrocious. The added stress of slave life caused blacks not to enjoy the best of health.

I dont suffer from any of t/hese NCDs but I make it my business to cook my own food. I always baked my own bread but over the years gravitated towards the commercial one. Since December 2019 I have not eaten commercial bread. This is a year a half that I have baked my own bread. What I realise that trying to eat healthy means you have to work hard and maintain the discipline. It is much easier to buy processed food but when we realise that there are better options we have to put forth the effort.

Fast food is always an attraction for many of us and it can be difficult having to work long hours then come home to cook. The old saying states, "We are what we eat" is still relevant today. The drug companies and the medical profession continue to smile as they make their way to the bank. They want us to believe that health comes in a pill or bottle. I believe we must see the importance of good nutrition which includes fruits and vegetables and exercise. and that we alone are responsible for our health. We must also teach our children the value of good nutrition. Too many of our children are obese which cause medical issues later in life. I dont think it is too late, a few small steps here and there can bring about great results.

Hope to post a copy of some of what I cook. I eat fish along with chicken. I stopped eating pork many years ago.

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