Black People : our greatest advesary

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    i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
    SEX is a weapon! You've got GUNS, DRUGS, MUSIC, and T.V.!
    and now you've got AIDS, H.I.V., and STDs.
    You, you, you... luster!
    With your lustre, glitter, and fool's gold. Strippers and hoes.
    Same thing.
    To some, hijabbs and covering your face is extreme.
    Well, so is showing off your flesh from in between a string.
    "I'm just doing this to get through college."
    So, should I sale crack to get through law school? You sale your crack every time the beat drops.
    Pornography is powerful and packed with potent pictures.
    Demons sucking out semen. Sweating, moaning, screaming.
    Our greatest advesary of all-time.
    SEX! LUST! LOVE! You might say, "What's Love got to do with it?" I'll tell you. Love don't love nobody.
    It is here for your application. Love is divisible by CARE and SELF.
    How can I love you if you don't love yourSELF?
    LOVE is not a secret. LOVE is evident.
    You can see it.
    Who do you LOVE? Who do you care for?
    Show it, Prove it.
    Everything in moderation.
    These laws of thought have been tampered with and replaced with bestiality. Furthermore, forever mangling our mentality.
    I can't snap my fingers and make the BEAST go away. However, I can and will tame the "beast" implanted within you.
    I must first start with mySELF.
    Next, comes the steps I will take to give my innerstanding of LOVE.
    How many teachers does it take to change the minds of 144,000 lost individuals? I'll tell you.
    It only takes one.
    His name is Jesus. That's what a lot of people call him.
    He had SEX, read about it. Many have paved the way for his return.
    Will he be black, white, a fireball in the sky, you, me, him, her, or them?
    Will he exist collectively in the minds of his chosen few.
    Will your mind be able to contain his passion without letting the devil's fierce fire set the fuse off... BANG!
    I don't want to be around when you explode.
    Change SEX into SIX and begin making love.
    Not the kind of stigmatized Love you see on T.V.
    LOVE as in L-U-V
    that ghetto love! That real passion
    You don't have to wait for someone to say, "Action!"
    Black skin, beautiful sweat
    rhythmic strokes of ectasy with no DRUGS involved
    Wind up in the center of ALL
    Only focused on pleasing one another
    Becoming one sister and brother
    They say Egiptians practiced incest
    I look at Jerry Springer and all I see is rednecks!
    We all aare related and have relations
    but, who's going to make it to the ship?
    Only the true lovers who have defeated SICK, SEX, SIX!