Black Poetry : Our Finale

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    There has to be some place that’s better than this
    Somewhere close to you where I can live in bliss
    It seems the harder I try, the less chances I get
    I know you’re there and you care and I need you, and yet..
    What is it that’s trying to keep me from you?
    I was never a believer -- that was, before I knew
    How much I wanted you. I want to take the bad and the good
    It wouldn’t matter as long as I had you, like I should.

    Poem after poem trying to calm myself down
    And after every one, I start to hear the same sound
    It’s you calling my name..the sound I love so much
    I even get to thinking I can feel your touch
    Then, just like that, everything comes crashing down
    I’m back to the place in which you’re not around
    It becomes more painful with every broken dream
    I feel like my heart is being ripped at the seams

    All I have are these poems and they’ll never be enough.
    I’m wondering why life must ever be this rough
    I want to know if there’s a time when you feel this bad
    I want you to, but I think that would also make me sad
    I can’t help feeling like the fool hoping for what won’t come
    Believing isn’t enough when the battle can’t be won
    No matter what happens, that silly inch of hope will be there
    Like a star in summer, I wish it would just disappear

    I can meet guy after guy and girl after girl
    None compare to you. No one else in this world.
    I guess I’ll never be able to stop wishing and dreaming
    Mr. Who'sincharge -What exactly will be our finale?
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    deep emotional feeling flowin here
    hold on true love is near
    keep ever dream alive
    every wish in your mind
    a change a break through in time
    for each poem speaks by da lines
    da sound u hear is wit tender care
    unto thy heart something to bare
    keep ya head up Tay