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May 28, 2005
Our feelings and unreal bonds of the world

A paper and pen are sufficient to give a certificate. Similarly the knowledge and devotion, which are also made of nervous energy, are sufficient to attain the grace of God. The attachment to wealth is also a bond like the bonds with your family members. You are sacrificing your attachment to wealth and family members for the sake of God. Already the wealth and your family members are the immovable and movable properties of the Lord. For the sake of God, Shankara sacrificed the attachment to His mother and not sacrificed the mother because she is already a part of the movable property of the Lord. Similarly Gopikas sacrificed their families and butter (wealth) for the sake of the Lord and here also sacrifice of their bonds is the point. All the game is only with these feelings (bonds) which are almost unreal and not with real things. Therefore there need not be any tension regarding the bonds. Your bonds with other souls are unreal compared with the bond with God, just like the bonds in the drama are unreal compared with the bond with the owner of the drama.

The dramatic bonds change from one drama to the other. Similarly the bonds with your souls change from one birth to the other. The bond with God is real and eternal because, even in Maha Pralaya (the final dissolution of the creation) the souls exist in God, which are controlled by Him always. The Master-Servant bond exists always, which is the essence of any other bond also.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony

Universal Spirituality for World Peace
I believe the bond of the family is stronger than the bond of one's money on this earth. However, for the King, one should be able to depart from them the same; that is, without hesitation, and without question, in all sincerity of the heart.

The Father sent His Only Begotten for our salvation by His sacrifice in the body, and so dealt with great separation of One closest to His heart. So, separating from others for the Father, who should always be the Highest in our hearts, should not be withheld. He made it so that all we must do is keep faith and trust in His Way, and believe in the Son's resurrection and His Holy works, with faithful works in His Name, so that we might be deserving of eternal life. With such compassion and love given by the Father and the Son, there should not be one thing we wouldn't give for the Father; especially knowing He has given us all we have.



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