Black People : Our Collective Power is Growing

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    We are learning and we are growing...and noting can stop us now! We have a long way to go but our collective mind is starting to find our way back home to the mother land or the ancient original ancestors. Words of wisdom from our ancestors in a proverb: "When you take one step towards the ancestors...they run towards you".

    Nothing today is more valuable and sacred to us...the children of the original so-called black or African as the re-awakening of our collective "Spirituality" that was lost from us for a long, long, long time...but now we have found it and the knowledge is growing among us as we are waking up to the true knowledge of our selves.

    You will find it out sooner or later that the path is clearer the sooner you purge yourself of all western ideas...all of them...for there is "No" redeeming value in any and none of it what so ever for you the original people of the "Earth".

    This includes every thing we think we know about any "Religion"...that only was concocted by those who are in charge of everything concerning life including all of those who ignorantly have been taught to follow their white lies of deception and have us thinking we are going to save anything including our "Soul"...your soul is not saved or could ever be saved by the blood of none except your own flesh and blood black family...the ancestors.

    There is noting what ever that is taught by the pimps we call preachers that is going to change any thing in our lives except to give a false notion about every thing that is real, pure and true. We have only been lied to by the rulers of false, fabricated, white crowd control called "Religion".

    None of that stuff is from any G-d except the ones they made up to only "Trick" you and...that only has the power you give them over yourself. You are not going to any hell if you choose to dump all of them today!

    This is the first step towards realizing who you are and what you are put here on this planet to do as your only purpose for existing in the first place. Your purpose is not to serve white folks or any one else...but to take care of this planet we live on and honor the ancestors who will lead the way back home to the "Creator" who created and sustains all things in the universe. This is MA`AT. "The savior is that one who has saved him or herself ".

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