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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by CarrieMonet, Dec 30, 2004.

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    Why would anyone choose to name their company Murder Inc or Deathrow and not expect to have death or drive-by's in their lives? Why do these rappers choose to glorify murder?

    by Charlie Amter
    Dec 30, 2004, 9:35 AM PT

    Ja Rule's holiday party was anything but--and police suspect the rapper's troubled label might be the reason.
    The NYPD is trying to determine whether a rap feud involving The Inc. may have led to a fatal shooting early Monday outside the Rule-related party at Manhattan's LQ nightclub.

    According to police, an unidentified man wearing a yellow jacket left the club and waited outside for William Clark and Troy Moore to exit. When they came out at about 3:30 a.m., the assailant opened fire, hitting both men. Despite taking bullets to the chest and buttocks, the 39-year-old Clark managed to drive himself to a police station. Police got him to a hospital, but he died later Monday.
    Moore, 37, remained hospitalized in serious condition Wednesday, but he's expected to survive.
    Both victims had a criminal past, according to the New York Daily News, each serving stints in prison. Police have not officially commented on a motive, however, the Associated Press quotes unidentified law enforcement sources as saying the shooting may be linked to The Inc. The label home to Ja Rule and Ashanti, which changed its name this year from Murder Inc. as part of an image makeover, is embroiled in several criminal investigations.

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    Because they market to ignorant folks. Folks love to adopt the gangsta, pimp, drug-dealer, murderer and criminal images. People love it. They feel like if they buy this album, they are closer to being like those images. They know that people will buy their product just from the name "Murder Inc". You can look at the people on the label and tell that they are anything but that they are advertising. But we still make them rich. They glorify murder because the communites make it profitable. If peace was as profitable...they'd be "Peace Inc." or "Tree-Huggers Inc.". It's all an act.