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    Is Black People Obsessed With Want For White People To Love Black people

    Hoteph Beloved John Cupp:

    Brother I respond to you because you strike me as someone who is serious about that you say, even though I disagree the way you look at those three worlds, namely Caucasian, Jews, And Arabs.

    Here is where I disagree, it is my position, when dealing with the trouble Afrika and Black people are experiencing today, we Black Folks do not have the Racial / Religious luxury to pick and choose regarding these three Ethnics, their history of behavior precede them in term of how they have performed against Black so call Afrikans And I have a habit of going back to the source of Black Folks problems and that path lead me to those three primary sources of cause for Afrika and the Black so call condition in the world today and based on those facts alone, compel me not to tip around those evils that have mastered the art of lies and deception.

    If we are going to accept the fact so far, that Black Folks are the First to originate upon this planet, and the place we now refer to as Afrika, and if we are going to accept the fact that the First Divine Civilization was in fact established by our First way Ancient cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, then to continue a path of Profound Reasoning and Logic, we have to conclude by observing the offspring's condition today of such Divinity, that Divinity having had profound intelligence, something happen to Black Folks, the question is what?

    So it would be wise to proceed to find out the answer to such needed question and when founded, do not deny the conclusion it present to us Black people, regardless of how we have been conditioned to, with loving emotion, to feel about those we now discover to have played a damaging role in abusing and Killing Black people, using Social Terrorism of Ethnic Assimilation in order to gain political and Ethnic status with Black people and with a motive to rise to a position of power in the land we now refer to Afrika.

    Beloved, I refer to the people referring to themselves as Arabs, my brother, and I can do that because I am not tied to the Arabs by Religious belief, which is the motivation of many Black people that show accepting sentiment toward the Arabs.

    Beloved, each of those Ethnic groups, the Caucasian, Jews, and Arabs, they serve as the axis of Evil against and toward Black people, who now rather be referred to as Afrikans, Arabs, and HebrewJews, many of us do today, which only serve to show how confuse we are about ourselves, a sign that we know not whom we are any more, a sure sign as to why we are confused about the Three most notorious Terrorist against the Black so call Afrikan.

    The place referred to as Afrika is the starting point of Black Folks on this planet, meaning in their Divine age of presence upon this planet, at that place we call Afrika, they lived a most glorious Civilize Universal Divine Life, they were one with the action of the Universe, at that Time there was no Caucasian people and their religion, there was no Jewish so call Hebrew people and their religion, there was no Arab people and their Religion, yet I invite you today to observe the Holy Land of the Divine people who once walked that land, now referred to as Afrika, they did so without the presence of Evil, Lies, and acts of Deception, so beloved, you tell me, what you see of those people and their land today and tell me who it is that now occupy all of Northern Afrika in a position of power and control, how dids they get there and now having so much power and having authority over it, beloved, they now are moving into the place we call Sahara Afrika, the place where the Majority of Black people still reside, even though Black people power and authority has been strategically maneuvered away from us Black Folks there, as we now represent a very confused Black people, motivated by irrational emotion of admiration for our oppressors, while we now pattern our behavior after our oppressors, toward each other..

    When I speak of the Caucasian white people, I reference all of them and until those that is a part of them, and is making claim to be not a party or supporter to their Caucasian white ancestors acts of the destruction of Black Folks civilization, and a conquer of the Land call Afrika, until they come forth in a show of support with and for us Black so call Afrikans, both verbal and with physical action, expressing a desire to up lift the Black Nation back to our Rightful status in the world, I must look upon them as enemies of Black people, because beloved I adhere to the Truth in the saying that the Evil of omission is just as great, if not greater, than the evil of commission, same apply to the hykso Jewish people, as well as to the Arabian Caucus people calling themselves Arabs.

    The Ethnic Axis of Terrorist Evil, against Black so call Afrikans, they all placed their evil behind on the Dynasty Throne so established by Narmer, when he united the Two Land of Afrika ( Egypt ) and he did so with a desire that he would keep Afrika and Black people united and in control of the once again united Land call Afrika, but today as you can see, it did not last and since that Time, there has been great killing and abuse suffered by Black so call Afrikans at the hand of the axis of the three terrorist ethnic groups and many more ethnics groups did join in the fray of conquering Black people and their Land, so call Afrika.

    No, No, no beloved, I will not, nor am I permitted to discriminate when pointing to the Evil that now have and always have had Black people and their Land in their sight to conquer and destroy, using physical weapons as well as religious weapons, in order to get the job of evil done against black people.

    So whenever Black Folks decide to really get serious about rising and reclaiming the Divine Throne left to us by our Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors, then we will know the first order of business required of us Black folks is to reclaim our Divine Mind, because not until then, will we be able to rise from the Lowly Human Being Level of Evil, a level where we Black folks now reside and our present life condition prove to be the Divine Truth of this Matter of fact, regarding Black folks attitude and behavior, which is now so vividly expressed in anger with disrespect toward each other, which serve to be the Divine True sign of a dying Black Nation, as we still attempt to embrace the evil of our oppressors, in an attempt to justify the want to be in their presence and to be accepted by them, lovingly so, as we take on their identity, regardless of their history of behaving toward us Black so call Afrikans.

    Beloved, all that claim to be of understanding and support of Black people Liberation and Afrika returning back to the Afrikan, to measure their sincerity, I use whatever their position is, on the Divine Right of the Descendants of Chattel Slavery to Reparation and our Right to return back to our Enslaved Ancestors Homeland, Afrika, not as settlers but as the next established Sovereign State in Afrika, their support must come not only in words but in deeds as well, other than that, they become the Evil that keep Black people oppressed And Afrika divided, caused and enjoyed by Black folks enemies

    Is not the condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan, serve as a sign of how obsessed we are with the want for white, Arab, Jewish People to love us Black People.

    Beloved, I remain firm to every jot and tittle of every word I have expressed in that which I share with my people, the Black Afrikan I speak of.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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