Brother AACOOLDRE : Osiris son or renewed incarnation of Horus (jesus)

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    Osiris’s son or renewed incarnation, Horus Shares the following in common with Jesus:

    By Andre Austin

    1. Horus was born the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cave/manger with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men. There is no gravesite for the NT family but Osiris has a tomb in Egypt.

    2. His earthly father was named Seb (Joseph)

    3. He performed miracles, exorcised demons and raised El-Azarus (El-Osiris), from the dead. Osiris penis was cut off and ate by the Nile’s Pike fish. In a parody with Jesus being a composite of many including the child/adult Lazarus he’s made a supper (John 12:2-3) from which they ate the good part (penis Luke 10:40-42) which is also Jesus’s food as manna/mushroom/penis (John 6:48-59). This is the origin of the Eucharist of eating and drinking Jesus (Osiris) body and circumcision ritual for the Jews. Now the Mushroom grows in three stages of an egg (Easter egg), vagina, and penis in symbolic form. I guess the Christians (Little fishes) don’t know the real ritual they are going through in which Mithra was mixed up with Osiris too.

    4. Horus walks on water and is baptized by Anubis the Baptizer (John the Baptist)

    5. Psalm 23 (most popular in black churches during funeral services), was copied from Egyptian text appealing to Osiris the good shepherd.

    6. Catholic churches, over their main altar is a triangle with the all seeing eye of Osiris. Some of my comrades in London say this is the Jesuits, a branch of Catholic intelligence units use this symbol too. Virtually all of the elements of the Catholic ritual, from miter to wafer to altar to doxology are directly taken from earlier pagan religions.

    7. And to the Jews (a title word to Thoth), it was the Golden Calf of Horus as opposed to the Volcanic Yahweh who brought Israel (Isis, Ra, and El) out of Egypt.

    8. Satan turnt out Horus (Jesus) by sodomizing him trying to disqualify from the throne. With the help of his mother Isis put the sperm in a bowl for Satan to eat. This was some sweet funky revenge that reminds me of the movie The help where a mistreated black maid make her boss a However, the gnostic Christians did advance the theory that Jesus was homosexual probably because they saw the new Jesus being created in Rome after the image and likeness of three emperors, Vespasian, Titus-666 and Domitian, with whom the last two were Bi-sexual. Emperor Domitian did sodomize and castrate St. Paul who wrote half of the NT. As a slave he advocated submitting in everything to your master, therefore he too was Bi-sexual. Unfortunately St. Paul was turnt out and is Typologically linked to a Saturnalia festival mention by Josephus in The Antiquities of the Jews book 18 Chapter 3.