Chief Elder Osiris : Osiris Incantations To Afrika

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    Beloved Ones.

    Blessings, loving, and light throughout all creations and beyond.

    I am inspired to share the below with you all.

    (1) Run black man, run, run as fast as you can back to the holy land of your ancient ancestors, Afrika.

    (2) There is no land equal to the holy land Afrika, for such a land, did the feet of the God’s first touch.

    (3) Hear the voices of my ancestors calling you home, to the land that God has given you, Afrika.

    (4) It is the black fool, who says, he has lost nothing in Afrika!

    (5) Hear the voices of mother Afrika, calling you home, oh black race, so that you may suckle upon her breast, and refill your soul, with the knowledge you have lost.

    (6) Would that I might fight to redeem mother Afrika, back to the purity she once enjoyed.

    (7) The survival of the world, is dependent upon the reunification of the Afrikan nation.

    (8) I regret that life gives me only one opportunity to fight for the emancipation of the Afrika nation.

    (9) Oh sons, and daughters, of Afrikan slaves, look toward the direction that your ancestors came, and desire your way back into the bosom of mother Afrika.

    (10) The world pretends to despise her, but yet, the world’s survival is depended upon her, she is the life blood of the world, and her name is Afrika.

    (11) Spare me oh God of my ancestors, so that I might fight another day in defense of my mother and father’s land, Afrika.

    (12) Afrika, the diamond of the world, that has been cut unevenly, and now, the race suffers, and the world, remains in agony over such an error.

    (13) As the honorable Marcus Garvey said: “A race, without power, and authority, is a race, without respect.”

    (14) For the Afrikan that is in the diaspora let there be only, “one aim, one goal, one destiny, Afrika!”

    (15) Listen black man, Afrika is for the Afrikans and anything less will mean Afrika’s destruction.

    (16) The day shall come once more when Afrika will rise as bright as the sun out of her poverty and stagnation and all heads shall turn toward her and bow.

    goddess IsIs Akkebala
    Mother of ALL Goddesses
    goddess Of Afrika –Iya Afrika of Afrika

    I speak to you from THEE Frontier of THEE Future on THEE Outskirts of THEE City of Eternity.

    I dream of:

    Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika!

    Being The Change The World Needs To See
    Spiritually Raw
    IAmness with Thou
    Energy, Power, Spirit
    The Beauty of Being a African Nubian Queen Goddess IS the Energy, Power and Spirit that allows her to REVEAL herself whenever SHE VIBES like It, FRIKAN Style.
    IAM that IAM
    IAM Me. IAM Free
    It is time to condemn the lie and elevate the truth.
    We must cause trouble (with the truth) until our liberation!!!
    Completely loving the Afrikan Carbon Nation.
    I AM A MESSENGER. I come. I share. Either accept or reject. The choice is
    yours. I move on.