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    Osiris Appeal To The Ancestors In Agony

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To Whom It May Or May Not Concern, Do I Share These Thoughts With You, In Behalf Of Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, The Gods Of The Divine Beings, And The Acknowledger Of The Divine Essence.

    I compete not, in the presence of the Divine Truth, and neither do I have A Need To Submit To That Which Is Profanely A Lie.

    Hear Me Oh gods of my Mind, of which you have resaintified and recalibrate it to Think Divinely forever more, as I take my final Journey around the visible source of Life in the physical Universe.

    Why Mothers and Fathers of my appearing presence, why is today, my Mind is so heavy with Sorrow for a people who is in very, very, much danger, a danger that threaten the very body of their Life while the Divine Souls give Life to their Body Physical, yet the body and Life is of the same soul, but what is this I see, oh entered into the chamber of Infinite Eternity, yet, you are here with me as I take my final ride of my Life with my Soul.

    Why oh gods of life infinity, why is it that I see that which I did not Summon, concerning a people whose phenotype that I share, why are you, my Ancient Cosmic Mother and Father, revealing to me about a People coming to be label a Shade that is of the Shade of the Womb of The Divine Essence, yet they know not their significance, which is revealing by their Spirit, which verify that they know not the Womb out from which they did come, and as I experience such a Deep Pain Of Sadness, I observe the Moon continuing to perform the task assigned to it and I watch the Sun continue its Path never wavering in maintaining its assigned duties.

    Yet in my experience of Smallness, as I am in the presence of the bodies of the children of Infinity, The Stars And Planets, do I wail in Agony, because of what I see of a People I have unmeasurable Respect For, not of the Spirit that they now exhibit, but for the fact that we all came out of the Womb of the Divine Life of an Ancestors that never waver in the presence of the Divine Essence.

    Oh gods of the Divine, you that now sat on the throne of Infinite Existence, you who have come this way with a knowledge and Understanding about the Life you experienced just as I am experiencing and yet your Life quality was of that of the quality of the Mind you did wear, and now, as I come in possession of the Oneness of your Mind, which from you did I come to be as I am Now, seeing what many of my people, your children can not See, nor can they Hear oh gods the vibration of the Divine Sound of Divine verification of Divine Reality, but yet,our Mother and Father, you who now reveal to me that which I did not ask to See, or did I, when I Summon You to allow me to assume the Mind of my Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, a Mind that is Divine and little did I know what such a request entail, which is for such a Divine Mind to See all there is to Know and to be Wise in understanding that which is revealed to a Divine Mind, A Mind that I now wear and now have Me in agony of what I see of a People calling themselves Black and Afrikan, with many prefix that adorn their acquired identity.

    Why oh gods, my Divine Ancestors, why do my Mind give my body the feeling of a pull that is of the power of a Magnet not familiar to the Life of a Common profane Mind, it is not the force of the pull of the magnet that have my Mind in agony oh gods, you the Divine Ancestors of my Being, it is the vision that come from such a magnetic force that cause me to See what I could not have ever imagine from the looking glass of a profane Mind, the Mind that you replaced with my Divine Mind, causing me to See and Know the Life Way of my Body path again, which is Divine, which cause me to See and Know, unless your Children regain the desire to reclaim the Divine Mind of their cosmic Primitive Divine First Way Ancestors, the World of a people now being identified as Black, will go the way for the last Time, the way of of their oppressors and your children are now cursing you oh gods, by denying the way of the Divine Path you once Traveled in the Body Life Of Your Divinity, the way of your presence.

    Oh gods, you being the Mother and Father of a now wayward Children, and because you my Divine Ancestors, have given to me the gift again to Divinely See, and because of that which I do see of your Children, give cause for my Mind to experience the agony beyond description.

    Thus, do I stay before you wailing in pain, because of what you have granted to me to See with the Mind I now wear, which is the Mind you did wear, but of a more profound quality of which I am obligated to show myself worthy, in order for my Divine Mind to rise to such a degree that give the profound vision that you did have while traveling the Universe in Body Life Form, Divine your Mind was always to be.

    I toil in Agony but yet I crave not to Run away from your presence oh gods, you adorn me with such a Divine shield that protect me from the profanity of your Children, many who have grown to wax in the Evil Mind of our Oppressors , they have become traumatized in the mold of belief, to the extent that they have become obnoxious and insanely infested with the vanity of their Ego, Envy,Jealousy of each other, even in the Time of their oppressing experience they desire not to be Liberated and have grown to become enemy to the Divine Truth.

    Oh gods our Ancient Cosmic Ancestors, your children have been sealed with an arrogance that give cause to them to become disrespectful of themselves and hostile to the Metaphysics of the Divine Truth and Reality, not knowing the quality of Mind needed to acknowledge the Divine Essence of us all, That which is the intensity of Divinity.

    Hear me oh gods, my Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, never to have me to be other than Respectful of that you have cause me to know of the Life potential of your Children, yet there are many who have gone to far into the Mind of their oppressors, to the extent that they can not get back into the vicinity of their Divine Mind, therefore their reaction to the Divine Truth and all that is Divinely Real, is untrue and unreal to them that now wear the profane Mind of a people with a history of oppressing and sealing away from them, the Mind of their Divinity, and for that oh gods, My Divine Mind Experience an agony of Pain that cause me to wail unto you the verification of my steadfastness in all Humility before you who reveal to me that which I Know to Share but never engage to deceivingly entice to convert.

    To You Oh Gods Our Divine First Way Ancestors Do I Remain the Divine Mind Of Your Presence.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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