Science and Technology : Orion: 2nd Attempt at manned out of Earth orbit missions?

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    Orion: Trial By Fire

    NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launching into space for the first time in December 2014, on a flight that will take it farther than any spacecraft built to carry humans has gone in more than 40 years and through temperatures twice as hot as molten lava to put its critical systems to the test.

    Quotes from the above video from NASA:

    • "We are headed, 3600 miles above Earth, 15 times higher from planet than the ISS"
    • "As we get further away from Earth, we'll pass through the Van Allen belts... an area of dangerous, radiation."
    • "Radiation like this could harm the guiding systems, on-board computers, or other electronics on Orion"
    • "Naturally we have to through this danger zone twice, once up and once back"
    • "But Orion has protection, shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation"
    • "Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study"
    • "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space."


    Didn't NASA solve "these challenges" SIX times already before???


    Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got a Problem

    Apollo 13 was the only in the sequence of 7 "Lunar landings" to have not been completed.

    Apollo and the Van Allen Radiation Belts

    But if we are to listen to those that claim these "Van Allen" belts are not dangerous, why then would NASA be claiming they are dangerous?

    Rare NASA footage of Apollo 11 Astronauts Staging Part of Moon Mission

    Will this Orion spacecraft be NASA's 2nd attempt at manned Out-of-Earth-Orbit missions, or will this actually be the first?