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    The original name of THE GODDESS could be Tanit or Baal; although both name(s) refer to GODDESS rather than God. It is clear that when the male ego (eg. Hyksos who forcefully inserted themselves into history by invading Ancient KmT/Ta-Meri to became the so-called Jews) came in contact with the BLACK FEMALE IMAGE of a SUPREME BEING they were sorely vexed as expressed thru the Levite so-Called Jews.

    page 162
    When God Was A Woman
    by Merlin Stone
    Barnes & Noble (1976)

    "...Where you stand obviously determines what you see. From the point of view of those who followed the religion of the Goddess, they were simply carrying out the ancient ways. From the point of view of the invading Hebrew tribes, this olde religion was now to be regarded as an orgasmic, evil, lustful, shameful, disgraceful, sinful based-fertility cult. But may we suspect that underlying this moral stance was the political manuevering for power over land property assessible to them only upon the institution of a patriarchal system, perhaps a system long known to them in the northern lands of the Indo-Europeans...To fully comprehend the extent of the 'anti-sexual' stance of Hebrews and the attempts of the Levite priests to change the sexual behaviors and attitudes of the Hebrew women, we should examine to what extent the religion of the Goddess directly affected the Hebrew people..."

    If you have an older name, with well documented information I would be happy to see it!