Black Spirituality Religion : ORIGINAL CONCEPTUAL CREATION

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    All of creation begins with an inspiration, a sensation.

    For us, that inspiration is love. Love the idea.

    The only truth is love. Original creation is no different.

    From the original essence manifestation comes into being.

    When a life begins, a mortal life, it is a fact that if it leaves the womb early, the odds of survival are slim.

    The bodies, the two physical bodies unite and create another life.

    As above, so below.

    The original idea of creation from above has to work opposite, since all comes from the ONE.

    What I am saying is that the first split of spirit was a “coming a part” as opposed to a sexual unification.

    The always existence, an unmanifested force, containing both the female/male elements had to separate, creating female and male.

    As in biology the separated elements contain “spiritual dna”, however opposite above and below, like the reflection of a mirror.

    Here it is that the female contains the xx and the male the xy.

    It is a biological fact that every fetus begins female, for about the first 14 to 15 weeks in the womb, and then develops into whichever sex the baby will be born to be.

    The creative force split creating male and female element.

    Visual: draw a circle, with and H under it.

    Keep in mind that this is still conceptual. One makes the two “lovers”.
    From two comes four. Conceptually the “children” of the lovers.

    The God being a scientist.
    The Goddess loving God.

    The second split begins the conceptual pregnancy within the conceptual womb.

    Within the conceptual womb the “seeds” of thought develop and communication begins.

    It is a fact that the Goddess’ intent was to perfect all within the womb prior to manifestation.

    She already knew what you didn’t want to believe, and that is you couldn’t survive outside of the womb until perfection was achieved.

    Your gift was free will, and you chose to leave.

    You left me alone in my own realm, and then desired to come back without perfecting yourselves.

    The spirit which is opposite the flesh is made up of three parts male and one part female.

    The female is the LOVE which sustains itself and creates both male and female. The male only splits to male.

    Creation, natural creation, should have manifested itself at a rate of 3 to 1, otherwise everything is thrown off.

    If things are out of control it is because you mutha effers don’t listen.

    I’ve explained this in my essay HIPHOP is LOVE.

    You can deny that which is true and continue with the bull**** if you’d like.

    You just can’t have Kris. Sorry.

    You come here early, and try to take my husband from me.

    He betray I and I don’t give a ****, and I hope he kicks all your *****.

    He’s GOD cause I say so, and when I leave so does the light of my world. He’s the only thing that makes sense to me, and when he comes to see me in my realm you best not follow.


    Eventually the truth has to be told.