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    "How Do You Measure Intelligence?"
    The purpose of The Discussion and Exercise.

    All Greetings of Peace, Love and Respect to the Destee Family.

    In a previous thread I attempted to illustrate a scenario using a Biblical story a majority of us might be familiar with: The Story of Noah's Ark. In my brief illustration you are Noah. You have built your Ship in preparations for a flood that will literally wash away the old, and make a place for the new. Instead of taking in animals by pairs, as the original story indicates, you are asked to take those people you consider to be intelligent so that you can re-build humanity.

    This is a Nation Building exercise. I'm certain that here at the idea of "Nation Building" has been tossed around more than once. But where do we start?

    That was only Step one.

    Step two deals with how would we go about getting these important people on Ship in the first place? How do we convince them? How do we "organize" them?

    Nation Building seems to be the most logical answer to every question that aggravates us. "How Do You Measure Intelligence?" is a question that helped all of us to see and recognize those we may label very important to our Nation Building process.

    Since I've been doing this exercise, I've generated a list of the "intelligent" people most of us find paramount to our Ship and voyage into a new Era:

    1. Life Teachers: Those who can teach all the basic requirements of survival: i.e Spiritual Leaders, Visionaries, Scholars, Mathematicians, Linguistic & Communication Masters, Social Engineers etc.,

    2. Life Breeders ( Fertile Males and Females)

    3. Masters of Agriculture: Farmers, Well-builders, Water Treatment Experts, Environmental Experts etc.,

    4. Home and Clothing Builders.

    5. Military Warriors.

    6. Masters of Herbal/Plant Medicine and Healing.

    7. Equipment/ machinery Inventors/ Technology Masters.

    8. Masters of Art and Music.

    9. Workers hungry to serve the vision of the collective.

    10. Children hungry to learn from the collective.

    After conducting this exercise a few things became obvious to me. One. People often named people they actually knew. Example: "For my Ship I'd take my Uncle because he is an electrical engineer." At some point I realized we have been downplaying our effectiveness and intelligence as a people. The above list speaks about people who are alive right now today.

    If no one does nothing to recognize the intelligence within our people, how can we truly build a nation?

    The idea of "measuring intelligence" is only a concept used to get us thinking about something our minds resist. It has nothing do to with your I.Q- or how "smart" you think you are. It has nothing to do with how the European views us as African people, it has everything to do with how we view ourselves:

    You were asked to take intelligent people on your ship. You knew you needed people who could BUILD A NATION. Our choices indicate that we all pretty much understand the concept of nation building.

    Now what do we do about it?

    Do we continue to battle over whose philosophy or concept about reality is better? If so, we are wasting precious time.

    It makes better sense to gather yourselves collectively with "like-minded" people, those who think like you, relate with you, travel on your same wavelength and together you organize to build something that can change the present condition of our people.

    As a nation we have not been using our intelligence properly. So far, it is usually for our own selfish endeavors, to reinforce our individualism, our Egos, or for basic Euro- achievements.

    I can give an illustration of what we have been doing with our intelligence.

    The worst type of Genius in the one who goes about his/her life unnoticed. We are all African Geniuses because our gene pool of development is full of Africans who correlated and calibrated their lives and thoughts with nature and the Universe. Its almost impossible, no matter how "mixed" your genes are for you to have missed out on at least 3% of African Genius.

    When we are born, we are met with one or two "Doubters" in our African Genius. We are born with this Genius fully intact and we are ready like seeds to grow our abilities.

    As babies our Emotional Intelligence is very vulnerable. It can be subliminal and sub-conscious messages that alters us at first. Parents are Gods in the eyes of a child. If the Parents doubt their own African Genius, this energy is transfered to the Child.

    Therefore we are creating Slaves and not Gods. Europeans have always been master breeders, and unfortunately not all of us have the programming to understand "life without the European." This is the information we transfer to our children: The White Race are Gods, and we are lower than them, so you must fight to get out this system."

    Common sense: If a Black child is "born" into a system, the only way out the system is to do the reverse: Die. Is that why Black people follow a trail of slow suicide? Is that why we "wait on Jesus?"

    We are all born into this world to perform a series of tasks that will allow for more powerful beings to inhabit the Earth, or for our people to transcend to higher levels of physical consciousness. We are all born with a special intelligence that allows us to access source energy genetically from different agents.

    Some of you were born as Spiritual Masters, capable of mastering matter with your minds. And at some point were slapped down by some opposing force. Most likely your own people. Those who believe in the "all powerful White Man."

    Where are our Spiritual Masters? Some of them are Actors, Rappers, some are working in Corporate America. Some are unemployed. Hell..some are working at Walmart.

    Some of you were born with special physical prowess to be used to literally "move" the people. Motivate the people. Lead the people. Where is that intelligence being used?

    Those are the athletes we cheer for. Spirits aren't born into the world to play sports. We are living in a Slave Entertainment Culture. Those are our Warriors you are looking at on those "courts." So when you ask the question "where is the strength of Black America?" turn on the game.

    Those of you who want to end Racism and White Supremacy, have you recognized these things? So What are you doing to ensure that our intelligence is not being used for the betterment of European Imperialism? How can you do anything if you don't have the tools to see our intelligence at work, and where it is working and for whom?

    Some of you were born as Masters of communication, so that you can "break down" technical ideas our Ancestors give you to translate for us in constructive ways. Where is that intelligence being used? Those are our Pastors who seduce us with their vocabulary magic and passion for Euro-Gods.

    Even some of us here are guilty of using our knowledge to further confuse our people.

    Our talents that were once used to build mighty civilizations are now being used to distract us from a goal we could easily reach if we knew how to ORGANIZE our intelligences.

    So now, when we sit and ask ourselves questions like...
    "where are our people going?"
    "why can't we get out of this system of racism"...."why can't we all just repatriate to Africa?"........ "how can we beat the big and powerful white man?"

    The simple answer is organization and Nation Building. You have to recognize what everyone can bring to the table in order to organize.

    People will always go where they are most appreciated. If we as a people do not learn how to appreciate each other, our African Genius will continue to go in favor of the opposing team. We will also continue to suppress our Genius. Our Women will continue to suppress their scientific observations and teaching skills for the betterment of the Male ego. Our Men will continue to channel their Genius to build a primitive culture. Our Children will continue to fall into the labels we prepare for them. So they will continue to be Thugs. Ganstas. N-iggas. And we as a people will continue to be the batteries that this system of Racism and White Supremacy runs on.

    If you want to get out the system, don't die slow, die quick. But if you want to change the system you need people who can help you, and you must learn how to organize those people and how to use their talents for the benefit of our futures. Remember you are only here for a moment.

    You can't waste your time trying to change people who don't want to change and see no reason to do so, but make time reaching out to those who can see your vision.

    Ase Master Builders and Creators of Gods!
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    I commend YOU on YOUR efforts in this most 'specialized' arena...
    ....gathering Black Folks.'

    However I just read an article that most certainly, echos YOUR efforts

    matter 'o fact, this is what it's called...'Hollow Echo.'

    I won't post it here though, not now; cause it just wouldn
    'hit the mark.'

    Brother, any idea why?

    Yet, YOU continue to 'lead' and I'LL continue to 'follow,'
    maybe I'LL post it (the article,) in the Halls of a New

    Black Nation.

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    Nation Time

    However, too many are sleeping.
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    Maybe that is the purpose of the Nation Builders

    .......on this board,to figure out and discuss a process of waking folks up:time: